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“My horse fights with me and fast with me, because if he is to carry me in battle he must know my heart and I must know his or we shall never become brothers. I have been told that the white man, who is almost a god, and yet a great fool, does not believe that the horse has a spirit, This cannot be true. I have many times seen my horse’s soul in his eyes.”  A quote by Plenty-Coups, Crow chief  1848 – 1932

Anyone who knows me knows how I love animals. This past week, the animals have blessed me with many gifts. Walking Winnie earlier this week, we found a beautful wing feather that I think came from a Hawk. That same day I saw a female box turtle laying eggs in a hole she had dug. These are the ‘not so ordinary’ encounters I’ve had, not forgetting the little lady bug walking along the path I take each day. We also have had two different blue birds hatch 5 babies each, and all left their nests this past week.

Nature never ceases to amaze and entertain me. The more you look, the more you’ll see. And the more you’ll become aware of the miracle of living. As Plenty-Coups speaks of the spirit of animals, yes they do have spirit. I too, have many times seen my puppy’s soul in her eyes.


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Today is my birthday, and early this morning a friend asked what I was going to do today. I stumbled for words, only because I didn’t know how to answer quickly. This is my day, each year, that I know I can celebrate with my family. My birthday is about speaking with all those dear to me who do not live near to me. I know I can count on a phone call from those who love me.

Growing up we were allowed to pick the dinner menu for our birthday. We would, of course, have a birthday cake and presents too; but the real treat was to pick anything we wanted for dinner. I, in turn, raised my son with this same tradition. I can still recall in vivid details his third birthday. I was fortunate that I stayed home with him during the day, and worked part-time at night after he went to bed. He wanted to go to Giant’s to pick out his birthday dinner, where he promptly picked out macaroni and cheese! Nothing else, just good ol’ mac & cheese.

Well this year, as in the last couple of years, my son is not at home to celebrate with me. However, when my phone rang this afternoon, I closed my eyes while talking with him and imagine him sitting right beside me. I dearly treasure my family and friends, and look forward to our phone calls. My brother was the first to sing Happy Birthday to me, and to be honest – my feelings would be hurt if he hadn’t!

You’re never too old to genuinely celebrate your birthday. It’s not about the presents (although they sure are great), rather it’s knowing that these people you love happily make time out of their day to spend time with you and appreciate the miracle of your birth and existence.

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The Spider

Recently, a little black and white, furry, jumpy type spider had taken up residence in the window by my computer. I’ve enjoyed watching “him” while I work. Today, however, he gifted me with a show I’ve never seen before.

A small little tiny bug was walking along the bottom of the window sill, and the spider quickly appeared. He approached the little insect from behind, quickly “attacked” and went away. It all happened so fast. The little insect was knocked off the window and fell onto my desk. It walked maybe twelve inches and quickly died.

Not wanting to encourage the spider to come too close to me, I placed the little bug back on the window sill. After a few minutes, the spider returned to claim his meal.

I am well aware of the messages Spider brings, but adding the element of the hunt gives me much to ponder. I am currently working on my presentation for the Open House at Inner Equinox on May 30th, and this has consumed my thoughts lately. I think Spider is showing me how to calculate and make my moves! I adore nature and she has to teach us.

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