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As many of you know, my father was here last week visiting.  One thing my family, by family I’m referring to my parents and siblings, makes a point of doing is telling and sharing stories of our family’s history. My father always tells us something about growing up in NY, his parents, or his aunts and uncles – all of whom came over from Italy.

This visit though, provided a different story than I’ve heard before. One morning my father and I were having coffee and talking about my son and the choices he’s made in his young adult life. My father proceeded to tell me about when he was 16 and wanted to drop out of school so he could go work. This was the path his brothers took.  As he weaved through the details of graduating school all the way through to how he ended up in the job and career that provided him a good life, my father was no longer my father but just a guy. A young man who fumbled through, made choices (good and not so good), and figured out how to be a man. To make a place for himself in the world.

I now see how this man who I always viewed as a “dad”, walked the same path as me – as all of us do. This path of life; experiencing insecurities, braving the unknown, making adult decisions when you’re not yet there. Figuring it all out.  There’s comfort in this. Comfort in knowing that all these things in life that I’m learning, discovering, and exploring are all well worn paths by many who have traveled them too.


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