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The Unbelievable

I have removed this post because someone very important and dear to me has asked me to remove it. I apologize for the confusion, but please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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September is definitely a month where change is the key word. Our seasons are changing into autumn; nature’s landscape will start changing its color, our days are shortening in length, while our evenings are growing longer. In reflecting back on this summer, wanting to enjoy and highlight some memories for myself, what I will think of are the foxes that came around this summer. I’ve lived in my house for over 11 years now, and I’ve only seen a fox one other time. This summer they have graced me with their presence, and also a little lesson on the side.

At first I was quite alarmed when I saw this fox scooting about around my yard and the fields around me, at all times during the day. Everyone warned me about the possibility of rabies and other equally scary diseases, especially with regards to my dog. Another contributing factor to my growing alarm, was that I was the only one around here that would see, or hear, this fox. Finally, a wise friend of mine easily informed me that if the fox was not showing signs of being diseased (which it didn’t), then it very likely was a mother hunting for her babies. That suggestion helped relieve my growing concern about sharing “my space” with this wild animal.

I fully realized that my anxiety about this fox was completely due to my lack of knowledge about the animal and its habits. Thoughts rolling, as they do, lead me to ponder how many terrible and tragic decisions are made based on the very fact of fear or ignorance. This is not a new idea or realization, rather bringing this concept up to be revisited.

I can see the message this mother fox was bringing me. When I first started seeing her around (and hearing her bark and growl in the fields), I wondered how to capture her and relocate her somewhere else. Why? Because I was afraid of what she might do to us. But what would the implications of that act have been? Devastating to her kits to say the least. Thankfully I moved myself past the fear and into learning more about foxes, and understood that this fox didn’t want to disturb me any more than I wanted it to come around me.

I was even able to apply this to my son. Recently his apartment was broken into, and all of his recording equipment and computers were stolen. As I posted in my last blog, one thing I recommended to my son was not to make any decisions right now, and definitely not to make any decisions from an emotional point of view.

So, in thinking about the summer of 2009, I will be mindful of my actions, remembering not to react but to become informed to make better choices. And yes, it has been a mother fox here. Just last week I was blessed to see her teaching one of her young to hunt. They don’t want anything to do with me; they’re just trying to survive. And my son, well – his healing will take a little while. And these are life’s lessons too. For him, he’s been violated, and forced into completely changing his career path (for the time being). And for me, the mother, learning how to still be there for him, and help him through this process.

Yes, this is a time of change.

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