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Last night while watching So You Think You Can Dance, one of the “judges” talked about Thanksgiving  in a way I hadn’t quite thought of  before. He commented that Thanksgiving is not a holiday celebrated by “Brits”, but it’s one he really likes. The essence of the day is about bringing families together.

In school we all learned about the origination of this holiday. And more recently, we’re embraced the day with a sense of appreciation, and of musing all that we are thankfulness for. Any time we reflect and put our thoughts in gratitude is a very positive and healthy thing to do. However, now adding the awareness of bringing “families” together. Yes!  Coming together, mindfully and with intent of celebrating being together. I think there is great benefits in this too!

Whether your “family” is directly DNA relations or friends is immaterial, it is recognizing the importance of  that person or those people to you, in your life.  All the time and energy put into the preparation of the day, the efforts put into traveling to be with those you love, all coming together in celebration and in appreciation. 

Ah, but what about all the stress and hassles that can be associated with the day? The long lines at the grocery store, and the heavy traffic… being with some people who you may not really like.. or not being with the “family” you’d really rather be with. All this, and sometimes more, can be a real part of this “joyful” day, and how do we come back to genuinely feeling thankful?

I think the first thing we would need to do, is to decide to be grateful. In making that commitment we give up the struggle with the other wishes or desired outcome. We cannot say that we’re ok with the decision, and then pout because it’s not what we really want.  Becoming aware of your feelings and thoughts, making the decision to embrace the day (person, etc.) with awareness, acceptance, and thanks you realize you have the power to make this day honestly one of thankfulness. And remember, your energy has a ripple effect on  everyone you’re around. So bringing a more accepting, and joyful energy to your surroundings you will affect and directly influence the energy of the day. This is your day to celebrate too, make it one you want to be a part of!

As for me, today I will spend the day with just a few of my family members. I will uphold my little traditions I have created over the years that I’ve come to cherish as part of this day. I have been reflecting on each of my relatives with love and gratitude, as well as my friends with complete sincerity of this day. 

Wishing you a very blessed and beautiful day filled with your own celebrations!


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It is hard to believe that we are in November already. It sounds like small talk, but seriously where does time go? The thoughts I originally had to write you are being replaced, as I realize I need to talk about time and our use of it. It occurs to me that I’ve been re-arranging my priorities according to what it seems Spirit has in store for me. The other day I was talking to Michele (of Inner Equinox) and ended up really expressing my true feelings. This is the beauty of having someone to talk to that is unbiased and has an open heart and ears to listen with. As I was expressing my feelings, I was able to sort out my thoughts better. I finally acknowledged something I knew; a repeated notion that I wasn’t paying attention to.

Shari (also from EQ) recently posted this quote by Joseph Campbell  “We must be willing to relinquish the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”  She followed up with “”Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest.” by Beatrix Potter.

These really related to what I came about expressing and talking about with Michele. I was feeling very frustrated and even angry that every time I seemed to move my life in the (spiritual) direction I wanted, Life would present obstacles to move me in a different direction.  When I would examine the different obstacles and situations, I would find that I was still doing the work I wanted to be doing – BUT in a different context that what I envisioned. Time and again, each major frustration for me was this very same scenario. And each time I was struggling to stay on the path that I set out to live instead of “relinquish{ing} the life {I’d} planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for {me}”

I still struggle, but it’s less and less as time goes on. And I accept more and more.  Funny, I started out talking about how time is going by so fast, and yet at times it seems like time is stuck in situations that just wont let me have my way! I love how Life and Nature keep gently teaching us and guiding us, so long as we will listen.

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