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Today I received a package in the mail, totally by surprise. Inside is An Open Chair (www.anopenchair.com). It is a lovely little purple box with a small white chair inside. Written on the chair is “Be still and know”.

A couple of years ago, one day I was working at the store in Solomons when a woman came in with her family. She and I struck up a conversation, and instantly felt a comfort with each other –  kindred souls. She shared her dream with me, and I still remember the light that shined in her eyes as she talked about the details of this idea. I was quite moved by the concept to the point of having goose bumps on my arms.

As time passed by Allison came into the store again, this time with a prototype of her idea. This time we met, she was excited about the logistics of making her vision a reality. I know how those feelings transforms. When I first started thinking about opening the store was quite different from the feelings felt while making a business plan, reading and filling out legal forms, and the research that goes into making your desire into a reality that you can see, feel, touch, and hold. The whole process is exciting, not to mention educating. And to see this new friend of mine go through her journey of creating her dream was very endearing. But it does not compare to how proud of her I felt when she emailed me with she debut her new website.

Well, this Chair has been inspiring many people for a couple of years now. Seeing the finished product is… well just beautiful. The whole story is very inspirational, humbling, and thought-provoking. I hope you visit her sight to read about An Open Chair, and see what a dream can become.

As for my Chair, I know exactly where I’ll put it. A sacred little area that I’ve created, so I have someplace to go to that is special. Where I go to for prayer, meditation, and solace. My Chair will right at home there. Thank you Allison! (www.anopenchair.com)


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