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As most of you know, our “financial advisor” deceived us, and as a result “lost” all of our money. I received a notice from the witness protection center of a preliminary hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to go to trial, and that was yesterday.

When I received the notice, I instantly said I would go. I feel that if I am involved, even by means of just being present, then somehow this will help keep things moving and perhaps – just perhaps – we can recoup a little of what is rightfully ours. But yesterday, one of my few precious days off, I really wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather and do things that I enjoy.  On this notice, they state the hearing dates could change on very short notice, which gave me yet another excuse not to go. But I went.

I knew I would have to prepare myself to see this man, IF he was even there. Yet all I did was think that thought. In hindsight, how do I prepare to meet someone who I’ve worked very hard at not hating, and not projecting negative and hurtful energy to?

I knew early on in my day that I was in the flow of Divine time. I could feel how every little detail of my day was falling into perfect pace. Driving over to the court-house in Alexandria, I was following directions I had gotten from Google Maps. First the directions were incorrect, but second there was construction that blocked an exit I would have taken. When I did take the next available exit, it lead me instantly into an area of Old Town that I did know and instantly found the court-house! A very direct route, that was not the one I originally planned to take. Then in searching for a place to park, a man waved me down offering me his spot along with the receipt that paid for that spot for another hour.

This hearing took place in court room 301 (in numerology that is a 4, which is all about taking care of paperwork, and building a foundation). When I got to that court room, I could hear that there was a trial or hearing in progress. I went in and sat down, noticing that the room was much smaller than I would have thought a court room to be. There was literally only a handful of people scattered throughout the court room. I also noticed that I was 20 minutes late from the time noted in my letter. I figured the only way to figure out if I had missed the hearing was to wait and see what happens after the case in progress. I hadn’t been there but approximately 7 minutes when that case very quickly wrapped up, and YES they called the State VS “him”. He went up with his lawyer, as did another man (the Assistant US Attorney). What happened next happened so fast. The judge said something, I couldn’t hear nor did I understand what he was actually saying. They all signed papers, and the court was dismissed.  When everyone started leaving the court room, I introduced myself to the Asst US Attorney. At that very moment of introduction, “he” walked by and looked at me. I could feel his surprise at seeing me there, and his energy. This is what I was not prepared for. I felt the too familiar lump in my throat, and tried to keep some control over the tears.

Leaving the court room, and even driving home I felt so choked up. I was a bit surprised by my reaction. Naturally I have shed tears over this whole situation, and I’ve spent a bit of time in prayer over this – for both him and us. Using the words “choked up” makes me realize that I do feel very choked by him. He choked both our money and, to some degree, my life. I have had to make major changes in my life because of him. He strangled what I had created as my life. And going yesterday – seeing him, and meeting these attorneys and inspectors made it all very real.

This was just the beginning of meetings and trials. Do I feel more prepared to see him again? Probably not. I think I have just begun a journey of learning and healing from this whole affair.  As for the rest of my day, it continued to flow perfectly. Because of the quickness of the hearing, I was back into southern MD before traffic backed up, and even had time to do some of the personal things I had wanted so desperately to enjoy and do on my day off!


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