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chakra exploration!

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. describes chakra’s as portals between the physical and spiritual planes, representing the sacred architecture of your body and psyche in Wheels of Life. In Sonia Choquette, Ph.D. The Psychic Pathway, expanding awareness and reconnecting to intuition and imagination, she identifies the chakra’s and describes how to use them in awakening awareness and intuition. Dr. Caroline Myss states the chakra’s defines and supports our spiritual life much the way the spinal column supports our physical body. She also has linked the chakra’s to the Christian sacraments and the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life to demonstrate the stages through which everyone must pass in search for higher consciousness and spiritual maturity. The chakra’s are also tapped into and worked with in several different sound therapies. And Amber Wolfe, In the Shadow of the Shaman, explains the chakra’s in shamanic self-healing.  

These are but a few examples from some very well-known authors and healers and their different modalities of working with the chakra system. The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit, meaning  ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’. The chakra’s are spinning energy centers that look like spinning wheels, located in seven major centers through the center of the body along the spine, controlling the flow of subtle energies. At the inner core of each one of us spin seven energy centers, swirling intersections of vital life forces, each chakra reflects an aspect of consciousness essential to our lives. Together, the seven chakra’s form a profound formula for wholeness that integrates mind, body, and spirit.  

When I received my very first Reiki session, the practitioner worked with my chakra’s. I had heard of them and read a little about them, but that was the extent of my experience with chakra’s. During that Reiki when her hands moved over my heart chakra, I was completely surprised by my uncontrollable reaction. I began to sob. Not just a lump in my throat, but a full irrepressible hard cry. This crying was not due to thoughts, nor anything I consciously thought of. But I cried.  She was very calm and patient while working with my heart chakra. And when my crying eased, she moved to my solar plexus and my crying abruptly stopped. She worked with all of my chakra’s, none having the same reaction as my heart chakra. That day was a turning moment in my life, and having my chakra’s rebalanced and cleared was an important part of my healing.  

I have since learned a lot about our chakra’s. I’ve also learned how very simple and easy it can be to work with them. There doesn’t need to be any elaborate ritual, nor must you have a “professional” to begin to make noticeable and direct improvements. As exercise instructors say, the way to communicate to a particular muscle or muscle group is to simple think about it. Working with your chakras can be that simple too, just start thinking about one. This will not only put you in direct awareness of the energy in that center, but will also provide you with a perfect opportunity getting to know your self, as a whole, better. Please go to my website (www.whisperinghoop.com) for more information. Namaste ~ Xina


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