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Last month I held a workshop on chakras in which I was asked about how I work with my chakras, and about my daily or routine practice. I answered that I do not have any set routine or regular habit I keep; rather I find opportunities to tap into them. This was never more true than this past week when I had minor surgery on my gums and teeth. I have had some painful experiences with previous dentists in my life, which have left me with some anxieties that I work on and through even to this day. Thankfully I have found a highly sensitive and caring dentist that has been instrumental in helping move past these anxieties, as well as restoring my confidence in dentistry. But when my new endodontist began with this procedure last week, I found myself in an even more unknown territory with dentistry. Mind you, I never felt anything they did and I will spare you the details of this procedure, except to say I have at least 6 stitches around my teeth and gums.

As I began to hear entirely new sounds (after all they are working where you internally hear what they are doing) I really found myself tensing and becoming quite stressed. Each time I sit in a dentist’s chair I look for ways to occupy my thoughts and ways to calm my body – this procedure was no exception. I began with my chakras, examining each – not for imbalances but for where I could go to feel more secure and safe. Instead of looking for something to fix, I looked within and found the chakra that provided me with comfort and refuge. What a totally effective and new experience this was for me. Using my chakra to help me – not me trying to help it!

I realized that this was something I had not discussed in any of my workshops on the chakras, I think because we’re all more preoccupied with fixing things about ourselves. As I’ve said many times, these workshops are tools to assist in understanding your body and your ‘self’ on your journey to wholeness. This was a new experience for me, using this chakra to tap into my own sense of security, to find comfort and calm within me. And I hope my experience will open new ideas within you. Happy exploring!


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