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With my birthday last month, some pretty smart stores sent me special coupons to celebrate my birthday. I can honestly say that I would not have gone to any of those stores last week had they not sent those special coupons to me. Last week, on my day off I decided to play – to only play. I made it back to Jazzercise for the first time since last summer. I stretched and moved my body, working out cobwebs that had collected in my joints and muscles. I went to each of the stores, found great deals, and treated myself to some sort of orange mocha iced drink while shopping. On my drive home, I noticed how happy I was so I tuned into my mood. I became aware of how I was feeling.

Lately my life has been chocked full of difficulties, worries, obligations, and work – and fun has not been a dominant element in my life. I think this is why it was so easy to notice the joy I felt that afternoon. Using awareness to really explore how these emotions felt and their effect on my body, I first tuned into the effects of joy on my physical body. I could feel the increased flow of energy throughout my whole body. I also felt very light, no longer the heavy weighted down feelings from the different stressors. During the very difficult times, or when worry would try to take over I would bring myself back to being in “the moment”. Well at this time of happiness, I too kept myself in “the moment”. And yes, my heart chakra was open and functioning at its best.

In a recent conversation with a young man, this person stated he usually only discusses with his friends the problems he and his girlfriend have, realizing he doesn’t share the good times they have. He acknowledges that his buddies are only seeing one side of the ‘story’, resulting in their one-sided opinions.

On my drive home, when I was exploring and enjoying the sensations of having fun and feeling happy, I realized the importance of appreciating – and sharing not just the down times but the good times too, with ourselves as well as with others. ‘Gratitude’ is one of the big buzzwords these days, which is very important to keep in mind. Gratitude can be used in various ways, and finding ways to apply it can definitely enrich our lives.


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