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Before I begin with our continued observation and contemplation on the dragonfly’s this year, I wanted to use this forum a very personal expression. Many of you who know me have undoubtedly heard me speak of my mentor and teacher  Arlene Denton. She owned Woman’s Wish in Occoquan, VA, and had moved to Rhode Island not long after I had opened Whispering Hoop (for which she was instrumental in helping me open my vision). And if you have heard me speak of her, then you most definitely have heard me refer to her as an angel on earth. Our dear Arlene transitioned this week, which was quite unexpected. At one of my lowest and weakest times in life, she was the one who gave me faith that I’d be just fine. She showed me how to find myself, and gave me opportunities to grow in ways I’d never thought or imagined. She truly did God’s work here on earth. I will miss her – and I thank her for helping me to find my life. Namaste my dear Arlene.

Now, on to the dragonfly’s. My last blog about grasshoppers and dragonfly’s definitely spurred some observations, comments, and conversations. One in particular has been quite thought-provoking, and I want to share with you. She said that she always thought that grasshoppers never gave thought to where they jumped, but just that they jumped just to move. Reflecting on that thought and working it into my life, I find that actually quite accurate. With all that is and has been going on in my life, I think I have moved without thought. When I’ve been so inundated with the problems, the struggles, and then the fluctuation in my emotions, I have found that I just move thru the motions. To move – to keep moving. And there are times when that is what is needed. When we are depleted, we go through the motions just to get through. But now adding these dragonfly’s… perhaps they are reminding me to look at the light in my movements. To look at the colors and allow the colors and light (Light) to help me move… yes, I like that.

Lately I have not seen as many grasshoppers as I did earlier, but the dragonfly’s are continually coming to me and blessing me with their beauty. Last weekend I took Winnie for a walk down on the farm, pretty early in the morning before it got too hot outside. At one stretch of the road we walked, there were easily 50 dragonflies! Just in this ten-foot section of the road. I slowed my pace walking thru them, to enjoy and savor the moment with them swirling all around me. Another encounter I had this month was in my own back yard. There were a lot of dragonfly’s flying overhead, so much that I felt I was under a dragonfly canopy. I stood under them watching all these dragonflies – it was like a special treat just for me!

I have – as I always do – appreciate your comments and thoughts on what I write and share. After all, we all have something to learn from each other.


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So, have any of you noticed the dragonflies this summer? I’ve noticed more dragonflies than normal, and I’ve also noticed a huge amount of grasshoppers! I have seen thousands and thousands of tiny grasshoppers where I haven’t seen them before. This definitely has given me something to ponder. Both of these insects need and thrive for the sunny warmth of summer, which adds the element of the sun to the equation. We know that the wings of the dragonfly reminds us that we are light and we can reflect the light in powerful ways. That life is never completely the way it seems, and dragonfly will help us see through illusions.

Now grasshopper is always leaping up and forward, propelling and moving through life. They know when to make their leap, trusting their instincts. Both of these insects, along with the element of Sun (a very active element itself!) are telling me to expect lots of movement and change, with the added clarity to see through to the reality of what’s really there. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on these powerful messages this summer!

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