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This morning I woke up early, which is very natural and normal for me, and when the sun started to rise I went out for my walk. To say it was brisk outside is a bit understated, as it was chilly this morning. Since it was early on a Saturday morning, traffic was light keeping the human noises low allowing me to hear more of the earthly and natural songs. Immediately I was greeted by Skunk, letting me know he had visited my home. Many of you may not appreciate the smells of a skunk, I, on the other hand, love the smell (as long as it’s not on me). Since I only smelled and did not see my visitor, I lean towards the lesson being about my senses – not necessarily seeing to believe.

A little further into my walk a Hawk swooped down to say hello, a sign which was repeated within hours of the initial greeting. How interesting that my first visitor made his presence known by scent and not by sight, and my second by sight only. What makes these two a bit more interesting and thought-provoking is the dream I had last night (or was it this morning?).

In my dream I was on a ship out in the ocean. We were out far enough that you could not see land anywhere, and the waters were calm. The ship was one of those older, multiple sail type ship with all the sails down. There were several people on this ship that I knew, but I cannot remember now who they were. For some reason, I climbed up the mast to sit in this very small outlook chair at the very top of the tallest mast. I was a bit scared climbing so high, and then figuring out how to get into this little seat without falling. I was happy that it was easier to get into the seat than I had worried it would be. But then I looked outward! Oh, I was sitting so high and I could feel the effects of the smallest wave – far more than you could feel down on the ship itself. So instead of looking out, I kept my vision on the papers I had brought up with me. I completed my paperwork. Then I worried about getting out of the seat and climbing back down, again hoping I wouldn’t slip and fall. I did not, and again found it easier than I had thought it would be. I descended easily and without any troubles and was happy. End of dream.

So what do all these things mean? Well, I am still reviewing and contemplating. But what is immediately apparent to me is that even though it may be scary to look out at the big picture, I keep climbing – one step at a time. I’m not slipping or falling. And I am happy.


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