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I am actually very excited about this New Year. When last year began, I carried into it a big problem along with other littler problems. I was burdened with worry and fear when 2010 began. And what happened with these problems throughout the year was that they became more understood. I still have these same problems, but the veil of uncertainty and lack of knowledge has been replaced with the power of being more informed and educated, and having a plan for solving the one big one.

There is no magic wand that can be waved to erase problems, nor is there a Genie up in the sky granting my every wish. And sometimes all the positive thinking wont quite resolve things on its own. This is not unfortunate because in going through these different struggles I have lived Life. I have experienced pain, embarrassments, feelings of violation, loss of control, frustration, fear – and forgotten emotions, excitement, vulnerability, appreciation and gratitude, and some plain ‘ol fun. Although this last year has been one of the most difficult times in my life, it has not been void of really great things too.

I have made some new friends this past year, rekindled old friendships, and deeply value all of my friends. In their own respective ways, each of my friends have helped me with their support, love and help. And I have been honored in sharing and being a part of your lives as well. Seeing different ones of you open yourselves up, expanding your knowledge and talents, and walking down your own individual paths in life.

With every passing medical crisis my mother endures, I’ve learned more about the human body and the will to survive. I’ve also deepened my ability in living and appreciating the very precious moments I’m in. I’ve also been facing up to difficulties, challenges, and fears with more fortitude than ever.

Now, don’t misunderstand my earlier comment when I said sometimes all the positive thinking won’t quite resolve things on its own. Our thoughts are definitely very influential in what we create for ourselves. So, as I welcome 2011 I look forward to some good changes. I see new opportunities emerging, and shedding of old burdens.

Blessings to you and your loved ones, wishing you joy and happiness in this New Year!


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