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Cherry Blossoms

Today I to change the wallpaper on my computer and I happened to pick a picture I had taken a couple of years ago of the cherry blossoms in DC. Not realizing that it wont be too much longer now before we are talking about the cherry blossoms blooming. And as some of you know, I recently got a cherry blossom tattoo in my ear.  Although symbolically the cherry blossom represents cycles in life, how our lives (events, relationships, etc.) blossom and fall, to me the cherry blossom represents love in my life. In my research I found that to the Chinese Cherry blossoms are a symbol of love, affection, and of course spring. They also represent a woman’s energy and sensuality.

This is why I love symbolism, and why I emphasize that each of us needs to go to what that “thing” means to you. Back in the 80’s I was introduced to the “Medicine Cards” (by Jamie Sams and David Carson) and did the Totem Animal spread to find my totem animals. I was so surprised by the animals that came to me. Oh, some of them were not very pretty… or cool. I thought for sure I’d get some feline animal. Nope. Well, then maybe I’d get a swan, they’re really beautiful and I’ve always loved swans. Nope. I got skunk and opossum – among others – but those two really stood out to me. At the time I did the Totem Animal spread, I really did not know very much about animals (and for the sake of simplicity, when I say animals I include insects, reptiles, etc.). I started with my nine animals and learned them. In learning about those animals, I understood characteristics in myself. Then I started really paying attention to what was happening in nature around me, picking up on signs and messages. And through the years have learned a lot about many animals.

Whether we look to animals, trees, flora, the weather – nature if full of beauty and symbology. We can take this to help us make sense of the world around us, help us get through our day or a difficult situation, or just brighten our mood in general with its beauty and energy.


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What a start to this year! And the Sparkle for the Cure, what a great way to wind up the first month. Not only was it a lot of fun, but we all helped and contributed to such a great cause. I came away from the Sparkle for the Cure feeling so connected to everyone and to my community. I grew up moving on average about every three years, but having lived in southern Maryland for the last 13 years has really providing me with a sense of being rooted. I actually know a lot of people around here. That may sound funny to you, but seriously it’s something I’ve never experienced before. I’d get to know a couple of people, and before any serious friendships could be built, I’d be moving. And this was all during the non-electronic age. No emails, Facebook, and cell phones – in fact, no free long-distance calling!

Reflecting on that feeling of connectedness lead me to think about my connectedness to God. Now, my entire life I have felt very connected to Divine. I grew up in a Catholic family, going to mass. I automatically developed my way of connecting and communicating with Jesus that simply and naturally came to me. It was not anything I learned from the church, on the contrary, I just automatically started doing this. And I have always had a sincere and personal relationship with Jesus; and later in adulthood, with other Divine Beings.

My most favorite meditation to do, which I include in most of my Reiki sessions, has us join and merge with the Earth to feel supported and rooted, and then expand up and outward connecting to All That Is. Meditation also is very good at having us re-connect with ourselves! Where you can actually feel your own energy – in your hands, in your heart, in the very essence that is you.

Early in my ‘learning’ path, I was just so eager to know everything, to know anything. I wanted to be knowledgeable; I wanted to be like my mentors. There is this whole world of experience that I wanted to possess.  I felt so lacking of, and (in retrospect) alone. Through my years of reading and learning, of getting to know myself – connecting with myself, I’ve come to where I am today. I am blessed to be so established in my community and to have so many friends!

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