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Have you noticed all the Mosquito Hawks?? My gosh, but they are out by the millions – and that’s not an exaggeration. Walking Winnie we stir them up and are in a constant ‘fog’ of them. They even cling to the side of the house, they are everywhere! Well, obviously there is something here that Mother Nature is saying. I’ve consulted my valued and trusted Ted Andrews for the meaning of these insects – but he doesn’t have anything on them. So it’s up to me to discover what is their message.

I start by researching the insect, and I found out their true name is Crane Fly’s. They are called Mosquito Hawks for two reasons; one that people think they eat mosquitos, and two that they kind of look like a “Texas sized” mosquito. They neither eat mosquitos, nor are they in the mosquito family – they do not bite humans or are of any harm to humans at all. I read that they can harm our lawns in very large numbers because the larvae eat the roots of grass. Ok, so that’s the most damage they’ll do – personally I don’t find that of any great nuisance. 

But digging a little deeper into this creature I found out more interesting facts. Crane flies undergo complete metamorphosis in their development with a brief egg stage, a relatively long larval feeding stage, a brief pupal resting stage, and finally a short adult breeding stage. The larval stage is the only time they eat, once they are adults they no longer eat (they will drink water). As adults their only goal is to mate and lay their eggs. Once that is done, they die. That is their life. Oh, and one last note, they are very important to our ecosystem, in all their stages. They provide food for all predators in all of their life stages! Even humans use them for fishing.

Going back to what is my lesson here fromMother Nature. Well, I take a look at the big or important issues in my life and see how it fits. The biggest issue (problem) is getting our mortgages refinanced. As you may know I am working many jobs to increase our chances of getting refinanced, and this is getting harder and more exhausting. I know I cannot keep this up much longer. Well, re-reading their metamorphosis I feel I am at the adult stage. I have one goal, and I’m running on empty. I need to “mate” with a financial institute to complete and finish this problem (all started from the ponzi scheme). Hmmm. Thought provoking for sure, but I’m still not sure what my lesson is – or what she is trying to tell me.

When I first started learning the meaning of animals, it took me a while to get the bigger picture. Once again, I am learning and striving to understand more, and I will ponder this some more for sure. One thing I can count on, is that Mother Nature is patient with her teachings – me on the other hand, I’m definitely getting impatient to resolve all this!


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Most of you know that I go to Jazzercise, and dearly love it. During the workouts I almost always have a huge smile on my face, and I totally get into the routines. The instructors are great at getting everyone to have fun while working out. But what has been very evident and always gets me thinking is how every woman (I don’t pay attention to the men so much) no matter her age or fitness level has moves! For that window of time that we’re there, each of us opens up and allows the fun, sexy and beautiful woman out to play. As much as I enjoy the workout routines they put together, is as much as I enjoy seeing these women, myself included, allow themselves the freedom to physically express their splendor.

When I take this a step further,and look at this through a spiritual lens I see there is a sense of trust and respect for each other that allows us to open up and be so free.  And shouldn’t’t life be this way, or at least our immediate community circles? In my younger years I was insanely insecure to the point of being jealous of just about every female regardless of her age. I remember what I was like back then, and those feelings.  For me it came from a place of not feeling good enough. It’s not enough to say ‘feeling inadequate’, because that doesn’t contain not good enough. As well as the aspect of feeling isolated or alone and not connected.

My journey of confidence was a slow one, and priceless nonetheless. I think it’s the same as the inner journey we seek, in that we always want to be at the end point now! We want to already know all there is to know, to feel experienced in whatever modality we like.  But in that very restless thought we prevent ourselves from experiencing this very moment of our lives. When I finally relaxed from wanting to be something else into just being was when I liked myself, felt secure, and became connected to All. Remember not to solely focus on the destination, but to enjoy the journey! Oh, and don’t forget to tap into your inner splendor, and let her/him out!

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