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The last month has been a very difficult and challenging month for me personally. As you all know, my mother has been dealing with health issues for the last 6 years.

At the same time my sweet little Winnie is having serious problems with her back; which dachshunds are notorious for. Having two lives that I dearly love, be in such perilous condition has been extremely stressful. So quite naturally, my thoughts are heavily weighed down with pondering life. Musing about the quality of life, about my beliefs of what happens when we die, and about my spiritual beliefs.

In defusing my stress, I’ve tried to break down the different worries and tackle them individually. Doing it this way helped me to realize that one area I was having great difficulty in was in that I was gripping too tightly to control. Trying to control everything for both of these two precious souls, I was physically tightening up all my muscles literally trying to control it all.  Once I realized that I only have but so much control, I was able to let go of the fanatical grip I had. I consciously let go and I remember the feeling of some of that stress easing out of my body.  

One dream I had recently I was assuring  someone that I would take care of myself. The person in my dream intently kept asking me to promise to take care of myself, which of course I did. No matter how our higher consciousness reminds us, we do need to take care of ourselves. Pay attention to what is really going on inside of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Listen to our bodies, acknowledge the physical signs our bodies give us.  And just as importantly, act on these things. Some things don’t have a picture perfect conclusion, we may feel life has given us way more than we can handle. Find whatever gives you strength, and persevere – listen to your true inner voice.


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