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Did you know that October is one of my most favorite months of the year? I love all the changes that come during the fall time of year. The temperatures cooling off after a hot summer, the beautiful autumnal colors, longer nights allowing a bit more rest after all the summer time activities. Nature always proving that everything in life is constantly changing, even when we feel like it is very stagnant.
This fall will be markedly different for me without my mother. My sister and I have commented that we would have been calling our mother reporting the first sighting of the changing leaves, or shopping for fall and winter clothes and boots. And it was in October, many years ago, that she came to stay with me while she healed from her first hip replacement. Every October after that she and I would reminisce about the beautiful colorful leaves in all the trees that she would look at while healing and recovering.

Recently I attended an expo with Shari & Michele in Baltimore. One booth we attended had a wheel we could spin to see what word it landed on. When I spun the wheel, it landed on “enthusiasm” – which quite honestly is something I’ve been low on the last couple of months. The card they gave me for my word stated: “Enthusiasm: With faith in a successful outcome, I naturally contribute positive energy to tasks and ideas.” I didn’t really think much about that until this morning – just 2-days later. I pulled out the deck of Angel Mediations here at Inner Equinox and went to shuffle the cards. Before I could even get all the cards out, one card slipped out, landing on my lap face up – it was The Angel of Enthusiasm. And I quote “Enthusiasm is a burst of inspiration that comes from God. It is the certainty that we will never meet an uninteresting person or live moments of boredom. When we allow ourselves to really live this certainty, we discover the tremendous energy that is always available to us and always supportive of every circumstance in our lives.”

Reading the little card, again like at the expo, didn’t really feel like it applied (although I fully know that it does, I’m just not getting it yet). So I went to good old Webster’s dictionary to see how they interpret the word, and their third definition is “any of various forms of extreme religious devotion, usually associated with intense emotionalism and a break with orthodoxy.”

Having lost my enthusiasm lately, and actually questioning pretty much everything in my life, I do find some comfort and even some direction with this message. “My whole being is radiant with enthusiasm.”


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