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I noticed this flat rock today lying in my driveway. I slipped my foot out of my shoe and rested it on the top of the rock. I could feel its coldness and it could feel my warmth. I felt we were connecting. So I asked the rock to tell me its journey. It told me of endless days in this driveway, of being run over time and again. It told me of all the beautiful animals who have passed by on their journeys. It reminded me of the very snowy winters we’ve had, and the long hot summers. I remembered these times, as I remember walking by this very rock countless time before.

Then it told me about time before we came to live together. It told me how it was formed and created in the earth, how it actually once was the earth. For thousands, even millions of years, little pieces of our earth eroded–broken down and worn away by wind and water. These little bits of our earth were washed downstream where they settle to the bottom of the rivers, bays and oceans. Layer after layer of eroded earth deposited on top of each. These layers were pressed down more and more through time, until the bottom layers slowly turn into rock.

How, through more years than I can even begin to imagine, it endured tons of pressure. And it was this very act of endurance that it became this incredible stone.

Last month I definitely endured ‘tons of pressure’ – and stress. While I worked my way through these difficulties, I worked my way to the top. Last month I spoke of enthusiasm – and I finally realized what that word truly meant. When I felt completely overwhelmed by problems and clients complaining, I picked up my card and realized how enthusiasm could help. “With faith in a successful outcome, I naturally contribute positive energy to tasks and ideas.” I shifted my attitude from one of lost confidence and defeat to one of enthusiasm. I started envisioning successful results – and the outcome was successful. In more ways than just those projects and clients. I also had the foresight to take action and do things that will ensure I don’t have to endure that type of pressure again. And in the process of all this, I am emerging better than I was before. Kind of similar to these stones that are under our feet.


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