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I have been following Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation challenge. The focus of today’s meditation was about the needs of the heart.  The leader of this meditation stated that the heart has four needs; attention, affection, appreciation, and acceptance.  The intention of this meditation was not to ponder these needs during the meditation, rather to repeat the mantra of these needs and to feel the expansion of the words themselves, and later you would be able to identify when a need was not being met. I now find myself deeply pondering these needs and what they mean.

He gave a brief description of each word which was not quite in sync with mine.  I realized we each have our own opinions of what these words mean.  I even found I started defining based on a lack of fulfillment to a particular aspect of a need. Examining it more, I even defined from an emotion.  That in its self was interesting.

Coincidentally, I am officiating a wedding this coming Saturday, and I am attending another wedding later in the month.  I think I will look again at the nuptials I created for the upcoming wedding, to see if the needs of the heart incorporated in the ceremony. What an interesting of twist this can put into a wedding ceremony.

I understand this meditation is not about love, but about the needs of the heart.  And it is a concept of which I will be musing until I have reached a comfortable understanding and position with. We don’t normally associate March with love, but here’s wishing you much Love and your hearts needs met this month.


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