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I recently read an article about a slightly different observance to Lent.  The true intention of Lent is of a preparation for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  This preparation is to help wean people from sin. It is most common today to abstain from eating meat on Fridays. Some people take this a step further and give up something else, like eating sweets, or giving up getting a manicure during lent (all things I’ve heard); however, the article I read suggests thinking outside of the box. To give serious contemplation to what you wish to give up for Lent.

By giving up some mundane object for the 40-days, which really ends up being more of an inconvenience, dig deep into something you really want to give up. Some possible ideas the author suggested was to give up gossiping, aggressive driving, or speaking rudely to others. I really liked this, and I even thought of giving up ridiculing ourselves, or giving away of ourselves.  Idea’s like these show us how we could be more observant to the true meaning of spirit of Lent.

In this spring time of renewal, I wish you a renewed sense of energy, peace, and love within yourself on your journey.


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