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Last night I had a dream (far too graphic to go into details) that truly baffled
me.  I also was having a strong physical reaction to the dream after awaking
from it, physically feeling the pain exactly where it had been in the dream. I
immediately emailed my dream to my sister, which she quickly peeled away at the
dream. I knew her interpretation was correct by my reaction to reading

There are many types of dreams: processing, wishful-thinking,
symbolic, among others, including dreams that are reflective of everyday life
without any hidden meanings.  And we don’t need any special education or
instruction to delve into our dreams and what they might mean. There are some
standard or archetypal meanings with certain symbols, but I encourage that we
first look at what that image or symbol means to you. If I see an image of a
dog, let’s say in a dream, it will have a very distinct meaning to me, whereas
it might have a different meaning to you. Our conscious and unconscious minds
are at work here, communicating with us – therefore, we would be best at
deciphering these meanings.  Once we look at the individual components, then we
can see how they relate to each other in the dream – and in our life.  And it’s
helpful to have someone you trust to discuss dreams that you may be too
emotionally wrapped up in to see clear of its possible message.

I sincerely hope you’re enjoying the cooler weather. I am keeping a watchful eye
on the trees as they are starting to present their colorful autumn display!


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