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The holiday season is upon us. Thankfully, I am back in the mood to celebrate this year. I am trying to be more sensitive to those who are not looking forward to the holidays.

I’ve seen the stickers that remind us of the ‘reason for the season’. I know they mean the birth of Christ. However, I believe in today’s world, the ‘season’ has a much broader meaning. We are living in a more diverse society than ever.  In my parent’s generation, not only did my father’s parents want him to marry a good Catholic girl, but an Italian too. I think as the heritages become more diverse, our religions and spirituality becomes more rounded and inclusive too.

For me the reason for the season is about family. My family has been spread out across the country for many, many years. But the day gives us pause so that we can spend a little time with each other, even if that is by way of a phone call. We all know that time waits for no one. So for me, Christmas is the one day that, while it can be hectic leading up to, does slow down to allow me the time to celebrate traditions and be with my family.

I love saying to people “Happy Holidays” just as much as “Merry Christmas”. I don’t feel that I am disrespecting Christmas by broadening my greeting. I feel I am being more inclusive, and more accepting of other people’s customs, spirituality, and religions.

I sincerely wish you a very Blessed and Happy Holidays.


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