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It is the year for Cicada’s! If you’re one of the few who have not seen or heard their incredible call, you are truly missing out on one of nature’s exhibits. The other day when I was outside with Winnie, I was looking at two sheds left on the trunk of an oak tree out in my front yard, and I noticed there was a cicada too. I looked around the trunk and up into the tree I saw hundreds of sheds and cicada’s! There were so many it bordered on being freakishly weird.
So yes, these cicadas are the type that emerge once every 17 years. But did you know that their life span is actually 17 years? They’ve been alive and living underground in the nymph stage for many years. They are a symbol of good luck in many cultures, and even of immortality. Aside from that, I think we need to pay attention to a couple of key features: the long ‘birthing’ phase, shedding out of youth into adulthood, their voice or call, and relationships (after all, once they emerge their whole focus is on attracting a mate and reproducing).
Pondering these characteristics of the cicadas while walking Winnie yesterday morning – and more specifically the relationship aspect as that seems to be a key topic in a lot of areas with me and my loved ones lately – a cicada flew right beside my head! It kept flying back and forth around me. Now it seems that all I’m noticing are the ones flying. My initial sighting of these interesting little creatures was so much about their emergence and shedding, but has shifted now and taken flight. Perhaps the changes in various relationships I’ve been pondering are emerging and taking flight into new lives.
In a couple of days my dear sweet Boo will be turning 28. My God, where did the time go?! What ever is happening in your life this month, I wish you peace and a beautiful month.

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