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Thinking about this month’s topic, I realized what was heavy on my thoughts was words. More specifically, our intentions behind the words we speak and the stories we tell. In a previous post I told about being interviewed for a newspaper article where the reporter had misquoted me and fabricated other quotes that I had not said. Last month my nephew was shot and this story made the news – newspapers as well as television. And once again I was shocked at the incorrect details reported.
Now seeing how easily the news we read and hear is not handled with care, respect, and responsibility, I’ve been far more aware of not only of other people’s words but my own as well.  A friend of mine told me all about the events that had taken place that morning with her family; but when she told this same story to other people later, there were several aspects of that story that had changed. I had another friend tell me of her interactions with her husband where she wasn’t speaking in alignment with what was really in her heart because of emotions and old patterns behind the conversation.
I think that good communication is rarely taught and even more rarely learned in our society.  I recently read a blog called The Art of Mindful Communication by Ora Nadrich, in which she  states “speaking from the “best of yourself” means talking to another person mindfully, which is with awareness, and giving them the attention they deserve, not because you want to “capture your listeners’ attention,” but that you’re wanting to “connect” with whomever you’re speaking with from a place that is present, kind and respectful for no other reason than that’s how you want to treat them.”
I really like how she said that. I know that I am giving far more attention and thoughts to the words I choose to express. After all, these words are possibly changing thoughts, triggering emotions, touching hearts, or perhaps making an impact on the person to whom I am speaking. If I am trying to live a more mindful life, I should be more mindful of my thoughts and words too.
“First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.” – Epictetus
Wishing you some joy and playfulness during this festive summer month!

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