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Well, July was an emotionally stressful month, so as we turn into August I am hopeful for a better month. July also holds the anniversaries of the death of my mother, my mother in law, and several dear friends; and then another friend that I had worked with for 14 years just passed away unexpectedly.  So besides reminiscing and retelling memories of these dear people, my thoughts have also been delving into the impact we have on others.

I found this quote by Fred Rogers in The World According to Mr. Roger:

“Each generation, in its turn, is a link between all that has gone before and all that comes after. That is true genetically, and it is equally true in the transmission of identity. Our parents gave us what they were able to give, and we took what we could of it and made it part of ourselves. If we knew our grandparents, and even great-grandparents, we will have taken from them what they could offer us, too. All that helped to make us who we are. We, in our turn, will offer what we can of ourselves to our children and their offspring.”

Sometimes we do this without conscious or direct effort, and sometimes we are fully aware of our intentions. That can be to be like them, or purposely not be like them.  When I was first mourning my mother and finding it impossible to feel anything but utter and complete pain, I walked by a big bin of pomegranates in the grocery store. I suddenly thought of my mother and remembered how it was such a special treat when she would bring home a pomegranate just for me. And at that very moment I realized that I could be doing something like this with my son or my grandchildren. I’m not sure if it’s so much of carrying on a tradition or even emulating a behavior.  But rather that I want to live now, fully engaged in life. Like Mr. Rogers said, I took from my parents both things that I want to be, and those that I do not want to be. After all, I will have an impression and an impact on those around me.


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