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September brought us the autumn equinox, when astronomically all is in balance. However, it brought more activity and changes that I ever imagined, causing me to feel quite out of balance. I spent some time down in Florida visiting friends and spending much needed time with my son. But alas, it is good to be home. I was greeted at the airport by Marvin and Winnie. I guess he knew I’d need Winnie in my lap to help ease the sadness of leaving my son.

When my son was driving me to the airport to come home, he asked if I felt all rested and de-stressed from my vacation. My emotions are always mixed when I leave him. On one hand I am so terribly sad to have to leave him; and on the other hand, my heart is so happy and relieved to see where he lives and how well he is doing in his life – not to mention having enjoyed the time with him. 

The day before I left on vacation I accepted a full-time job. Of course this means I will not be at the store on a weekly basis; however I will still be holding my classes and workshops, and I am still on the schedule for some Saturday’s.

So with that, my answer to my son’s question on feeling de-stressed was that yes, I was able to let go of the all-consuming thoughts about leaving the jobs I’ve had for the last 9 years to go back into the mainstream business world.  

For October, I am excited that we are holding the New Moon Hoop on a Friday. While October will hold some big adjustments for me, I am still keeping my feet grounded and my eyes enjoying the beautiful colors that are just starting to manifest before our very eyes. Wishing you many joys and good health. 


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