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Last month I told you I had accepted a full time job. I’ve been working at this job for four weeks and am adjusting to the changes. Now that I’ve moved past the initial learning curve into performing the job, I’m settling into the dynamics of the place and people there. Emotionally I noticed I was feeling a bit on the ‘outside’ of things in the office. Not being invited to a big party that they openly talked about around me, unintentionally getting a co-worker in trouble with the owner and having her get very pissed at me – some of things expected when we’re all getting to know each other and me getting to know their processes.

Last weekend when I turned the tv on there was Oprah talking to Gary Zukav and they were talking about being your authentic self. This woman in the audience explained that when she woke up in the morning she felt wonderful, motivated, positive – she felt her authentic self. But at the end of the day she was frustrated, down, and not at all being her beautiful, authentic self. She explained that as a flight attendant that being in that airplane with approx. 200 people of various moods and personalities, she would become depleted and exhausted by the end of the day.

He explained to her that she’s having expectations of these people. That she was expecting to influence all these people and have them be authentic like her. He quickly pointed out that we are not in control of other people. Period. We are not responsible for how they act, what they think, much less for converting them to be like us – even though we think we are on this wonderful path. The only person we can control is ourselves. You could see the flash of comprehension and understanding as she heard this from him. He went on to say that being our authentic self and living our spirituality is something we do for ourselves, not others, and despite others.

The timing of seeing this was good. Adjusting to working in a bigger company, feeling a little alone, somewhat isolated (by location of my office without a window), and not getting drawn into any of the drama’s or cliques by, most importantly, remaining true to myself.

As we go into November we shift into holiday mode. I wish you a peaceful and bountiful Thanksgiving.


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