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It is official, Inner Equinox continues!  Becky Cecil is now the owner of Inner Equinox, and it sure has been fun getting to know her. I love her enthusiasm she brings to the store. And she seems to have some exciting ideas in mind.  I am also happy that I will definitely be able to continue all my activities with Inner Equinox. Our beautiful Michele is helping Becky get acclimated and oriented.  

The month of February brings several things to mind, one being  Valentine ’s Day. But another is my son’s great-grandmother, Grandma Jenkins.  This past Ground Hog’s Day would have been her birthday. This dear woman passed close to 30 years ago, but I still think of her and what a beautiful woman she was.  Last night I shared stories about her to my son, since he didn’t know her. 

This was a woman I would have loved to have known longer than the few short years from marrying into the family and her death. One of the most memorable conversations I had with her was shortly after I married her grandson. She talked to me of her wedding night, and of becoming a wife.  She was not telling me about the ‘bird and the bees’, and she was not talking about some Leave it to Beaver image of a wife.  She shared her emotions of her wedding night, and of the type home they had back then. She talked about how she remained true to herself while she grew into becoming the matriarch of their family. And she spent time with me welcoming me as her new granddaughter.  I respect her very much for that conversation, and for sharing of herself.  I really admire the way she talked about a life changing time for me.  And for the beautiful example of passing down stories and wisdom from woman to woman.

I find it fitting that her birthday was in February, since February is known as the month of love. She demonstrated the beauty of a woman’s love.  Another nifty tidbit about February, did you know that the 17th of February is World Human Spirit Day? On this day, at 3pm Eastern Time, people all over the world observe two minutes of silence to reflect upon the idea that we are all human beings, and we are all together here on Earth. The idea is that if we all sense our connection to one another, we can help bring more peace and harmony to the world.  

With this theme of love and peace, my wish for you this month is that your heart center is open and full of love – especially for yourself! 


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