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I think of my mother every day, but recently I’ve been thinking of her in more depth, much more often, and with more pain of missing her. Speaking with my sister today I found out that, just like me, our mother has been at the forefront of our thoughts. It’s interesting that there are these times of being in sync with my sister in our thoughts, moods, or feelings. And yes, it could be because of Mother’s Day approaching, but most likely it is because we miss her.

With Mother’s Day celebrated this month, I’ve also given in depth thought to this whole concept of Mother’s day. This notion of having this one day set aside to celebrate our mothers. But not all mothers are alive, not all mothers are lovable, not all mothers have children. The flip side of this is that not all children are alive, not all children are lovable, and not all women have children.

While the concept is to celebrate mom’s and show appreciation for all she does, I’d like to recognize that being a mother is far more complex and difficult than these Hallmark commercials show. For one mother who’s child committed suicide, or the other mother whose daughters are estranged, or the other mother whose step children bring utter chaos and stress into her home, and for all the mothers who have spent countless hours, days, and sleepless nights in deep worry – this Mother’s day may not be one of joy.

I sincerely hope that all of us can take a moment out to reconnect with a good memory of our mother or special woman on Mother’s day, and celebrate this woman who raised or influenced you in a nurturing and loving way.


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