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You know I absolutely love to notice what is happening in nature, in attempts to make sense or give insight into the events in my life. The more I pay attention to the nuances in animal/insect behavior, weather patterns, and the likes – the more I see ebbs and flows to the events of my life. Not only have I gained a different perspective, I’ve also gotten great comfort in the support this beautiful earth gives me.

The big message nature has presented me this summer, is the abundance of lightening bugs. We almost always have them in the trees around the edges of the fields by my house. Not this year – this year they are everywhere in my yard, and more specifically in the grass all around my house! So obviously the message they are giving me includes the element of groundedness.

According to Ted Andrew’s Animal Wise, the keynote for Firefly’s is spiritual inspirations and hope. Of course we need to take in account the aspect of their illuminating feature to attract a mate.  But even the larvae glow! Lots of light here!

When I first moved back to Virginia when I was in middle school, we lived with my maternal grandmother in New Baltimore – which a very rural area outside of Warrenton. That summer always brings back the memory of lightening bugs, honeysuckle, and poison ivy.  One night a lightening bug was flying around in the bedroom my sister and I shared. Being something I didn’t know about, I was very scared. But my grandmother came in and explained it would not bite or sting me, it would not hurt me any way at all. So that night I feel asleep under the twinkling light of that lightening bug.


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