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I got through July unscathed – such a tough month for me. And now into the dog days of summer.

Typical, especially during the summer months, there is always something in the news about dieting. In the last week or so, I recently saw a few different articles online, each with the subject of weight – and more specifically women’s weight. Each of these various articles had a different message all of them dealt with judgment of their body and weight.

In one article a woman was shocked when she saw a picture that her children had taken of her. She immediately started harshly criticizing herself, seeing only a big belly, dimply thighs, and cellulite. Her children were quite perplexed because they only saw their beautiful mother. They kept telling her to see how beautiful she looked in this picture. This woman eventually came around to seeing herself with kindness, to seeing herself as she is rather than projecting what she thinks everybody else is seeing.

I’m sorry to admit that I am the harshest critic of my weight and body. But what’s funny is that what I see in the mirror is not what I see when I see picture of myself.

Timing can be so curious! I then saw this saying on fb:

Eat like you love yourself.
Move like you love yourself
Speak like you love yourself.
Act like you love yourself.

Aside from any body image or any other self-conscious impairments we may have, these are very, very good words of advice. Oh, and how hard this can be… but I plan on putting these words up in my house so I can see them often.

As we enjoy the last un-official month of summer, I hope you’re able to bring some love for yourself into your sultry summer days.

Namaste and Peace~


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