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I hope your summer has been enjoyable. Here we are, September already – the eve of autumn. While a lot of people go on their vacation during the summer, I usually take mine during the fall. In fact, I’ve got two trips this fall! The first is the end of this month, my son and I will be going out AZ to see my father, along with my sister and two nephews. A cousin that lives in California is going to drive over one day while we’re there. Many of you know how dearly I love Arizona, so you know I will be taking time to spend in the desert.  Don’t worry, I will be extremely careful and watchful for snakes.

In the last month, month and a half I have had snake very prevalent in my life. They were coming to me multiple times every day: in my dreams, on the television, at my house, in conversations, on my walks during lunch – literally everywhere. There were so many encounters that I don’t have enough space to tell about them. I even started having turkey show up with snake!  Those two do relate off each other, and even strengthen the message(s). (The keynote of snake is transformation)  So yes, I will be watchful!

I have had such an enjoyable summer. Its the first summer in many years that I haven’t worked weekends. I found myself doing the things that I haven’t had time to do since I was in my twenties! And Marvin and I have been renovating the sun room here at the house. This all started because of needing a new ‘home’ for the New Moon Hoop, which has turned out just wonderful – in all regards.

Winding down summer, yes we will still have plenty of hot days before fall officially gets here, but we are starting to see changes. The sun is setting a little earlier in the evenings, and rising a little later in the mornings. I’ve even noticed a little bit of color changing in the leaves! Just the other morning I saw a flock of geese flying overhead! And now, Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are back! Yep, I’m ready for fall~

With the children back in school, and the old routines settling back in, I hope you take time to enjoy the subtle changes happening all around you.



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