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My trip to Arizona in September was so special. To see my 85 year old father looking and doing so well; and to spend time with my son and my family was very precious and dear. My sister and I took our boys to the mesa one day. This is the mesa that my family climbed when I was very little. I told my son that this mesa is a very special place to me – almost sacred. And now I got to share it with him. While the weekend was truly wonderful, how doubly sad it was to leave both my father and my son on the same day.

October marks the one-year anniversary at my new job, and I am glad I’m no longer the new kid on the block. But what an adjustment it’s been going back into the company office world. I’ve made a friend who is just as obsessed with discovering pumpkin goodies as me!

Just the other day at work, I noticed a fairly large spider walking along the floor. I took a picture of it and posted it on fb, all pleased that this spider paid me a visit at work. As I started pondering that spider reminds us of creativity and weaving what we want in life, someone commented that it looked like a brown recluse. Ooo, they are quite dangerous, and I immediately looked up images of brown recluse to compare to my visitor. Even though it didn’t quite look the same, I still worked up a little fear – especially since then I couldn’t find where it had meandered off to!

Last night I was telling this story to a friend of mine who is one of the earthiest people I’ve ever known. He has taught people how to be in nature, and is quite skilled and adept at being with animals and living with this earth. After talking about this spider, which he supported my conclusion it was a wolf spider, he commented that he has not seen many spiders at all this year. We talked about our mutual practice of observing the different cycles in nature from year to year.

Like the rain fall this year in Arizona – because of the very active hurricane season in the Pacific Ocean this summer, the southwest has gotten much higher than average rain. This has made for a lot of growth in the desert floor, which is usually a bit more barren.  So our walking and hiking around the washes by the mesa was with extra caution. Where we usually had clear areas to step, we now rattled bushes and made noise so we didn’t startle any resting animals in the brush.  Another fun little discovery was all the little toads! There were so many, coming out of little holes in the dirt and from underneath rocks. I don’t think I have ever seen so many baby toads in my life.

As we venture through autumn, I hope you’re able to take time out to enjoy the beautiful changes our Earth goes through as she prepares for winter.  Namaste~



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