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Recently at work, we had a scavenger hunt. We got into small groups and set off to accomplish as much as we could on the two-page list for this hunt. Mostly we had to take pictures or videos of ourselves doing these various things. Some of the things were very simple like taking your picture with the founder of the company, to “I can’t believe we all fit in here”, all the way to going through a store singing the theme song to Mission Impossible. Our boss allowed us an hour and a half to do this and get all turned into Kris. Then during our annual Chili Cook-Off, we got to watch each other’s submittals and find out the winners.

I cannot remember the last time I have laughed that hard for that long! I was laughing so much that I had to look away and calm my body down and catch my breath. To see grown – older men playing Duck, Duck, Goose was hilarious! We watched as old and young all played with the same vigor and creativity as a child. The team I was on did not win – but we had so much fun doing this, and then watching each other’s videos.

The other day I was talking to my best friend and I told her about the scavenger hunt. She then told me about this one yoga class she attended where the teacher had everyone lay on the floor stretching and she had them squeal or yell to let out tension and energy, kicking and flailing about. Bethany told the teacher she felt like she was throwing a temper tantrum – and the teacher quickly started referring to it as a temper tantrum! My friend told me that it felt so good to scream and kick, and that she soon found herself laughing just letting all of it out!

Bethany and talked about how much we, and probably most adults, have forgotten how to play. And here we are in the midst of the holidays that have the added stresses that compounds the hurriedness and running about to do all that needs to be done – further reducing the time we take out to play. But isn’t Christmas one of the biggest days to be a kid again? Of course I’m not talking about the religious aspects of Christmas; I’m talking about the magical side of the holidays.

One thing that was monumental in helping me during the first Christmas after Mom passed was my grandchildren. It wasn’t their excitement and childlike wonder that helped me – it was the thought that I could be to them what she was to me. That all the special and fun and unique things that Mom would do for me, I could now create my own special and unique and fun things with my little grandchickadee’s. It took me a little bit to realize that I had already established a foundation with them. One that I’ve been building upon each year. Now I sure don’t have the energy I did when I was young, but I sure allow, encourage, and foster my fun and playful self to come out now – especially at the holidays. After all, isn’t this life what we make of it? I am the one responsible for my own enjoyment – of the moment, of the holiday, of my life!

I know the holidays are not fun or happy or good for a lot of people. I know this time of year can be very depressing or lonely and hard. During these hard times, I hope you find the strength to look back at happy memories to revisit feeling good especially during this time of year; and to tap into your creative and playful self to build new moments and memories that help you. I sincerely hope everyone finds opportunities to play this month. And as always, I wish you much peace and joy this month.


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