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Happy New Year! I hope your New Year’s Eve was fun – and now wishing you peace, love, good health, and good luck in 2015.  We spent a quiet evening at home, partying. Just the three of us!  While playing with Winnie (let me tell you, I think she partied the hardest of all of us), Marvin and I talked about what we wanted for this year – nice way to end the year, planning for the new.

Each month in the New Moon Hoop we start our evening with “calling in the directions”. This is a common practice in Native American ceremonies, and is also found throughout the world and in various other cultures and practices. One of the reasons we call in the directions is to reflect on the different properties, elements, and energies each direction offers as a way of reminding ourselves of these attributes to help us in our daily lives. We always start in the East. The sun rises in the east, and this is the start of the new day. The East reminds us that we are given a new day every day and every morning, whether we see it or not, the sun rises.

I saw a fb New Year‘s Eve posts that state “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Write a good one.”  I like this message, but I also think that each and every day is a new opportunity. And I think that perhaps I would rather have each day to itself – and not be obligated to carry the remnants of the whole year.   Yet, here I sat last night, planning trips and events for the upcoming year. I like that I challenge myself with these thoughts.

Whether you’re looking at a new day or a new year, I sincerely hope you’re inspired to create the life you truly want~


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