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Wow, oh wow but this winter has been a pretty heavy duty one. Here it is, March 1st and the weather today is sleet and ice. I keep thinking that I should be starting to prepare the ground for my garden. I suppose I have to wait till the ground thaws.  And in contradiction to this weather, I have more ants in my house than I’ve ever had!   I do not like to use pesticides, but I’m getting very close to using them – that’s how bad the ant infestation has gotten. (Yes, I have thought about what message Ant brings to me.)

The weather interrupted all of my activities in February. So Reiki I is rescheduled for March 14th – please let me know if you’d like to attend. I have not rescheduled the Reiki Share.  I see that Inner Equinox is hosting a Share now, so please contact them for more dates, times, and registration.

I see that the upcoming New Moon will be a Supermoon.  Ok, that sounds pretty nifty, but what does that mean?? By definition, a supermoon is when a new moon or full moon comes within so many miles of our planet.  This does cause larger than average tides, known as spring tides. Plus this supermoon will swing right front of the sun for a solar eclipse!  I think it safe to assume, that around the 20th we may feel these stronger than normal pulls!  I think I’ll keep watch for any mood swings.

Before I go snuggle with Winnie under the quilt I’m working on now, I want to send warm wishes your way. I hope good things spring into your life this month.


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