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With a sad heart, I want to let you know that Mr. Belvedere died Easter weekend. Who’s Belvedere? Between Winnie getting all the attention around here, coupled in with the fact that Belvedere didn’t really bond with us like he did Winnie, is why I didn’t talk about him much.
My mother had a phobia of birds, but when I had Pretty Boy and then Peaches, they helped her get over her fears. So much so that she got a bird herself, and she got an English Budgie. Being English, naturally he was named Mr. Belvedere!
Now my family and I have worked on figuring out – or maybe I should say remembering how old he was. I know that Mom had him before she moved to Maryland, and I’m pretty sure it was before I opened Whispering Hoop – so that means he was at a minimum of 11/12 years old. I’m happy to learn that this is very old for this breed of birds.
We knew he was very old, so when he passed last weekend we were not surprised but poor little Winnie was. She did not take it so well. I was very surprised at how sad she became. She moped around for several days afterwards.

Wishing you a beautiful, spring month, hoping you blossom like the flowers~


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