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May has come and gone – what a fast month!  We went took a quick little cruise to the Bahama’s and spent a long weekend with my son. It was my first time being in the Bahama’s, and it was quite fun. We had a tour of the island, seeing homes that famous people have owned, watched a woman clean conch, and even had my first conch fritter. The shopping experience was a blast, and I got some great things. It was our first time on a cruise, and it was a fun experience.  More than that, the time with my son was phenomenal.  It does my soul good to see him happy and doing well in life.

I’m very excited and looking forward to June! My sweet Boo turns 30!!  My God I can’t believe he’s that old. We had a couple of names picked out when I was pregnant but waited to name him until after we saw him to see which name fit.   As I’ve gotten older my memory is not what it used to be, but I still remember all the details of when he was born.

And then my best friend, Bethany, will be coming to visit this month. And she’ll be here during the New Moon, so she’ll come to Hoop! Our parents were good friends and lived in the same cul de sac, and our moms were pregnant at the same time. Beth was born 17 days before me, we’ve been friends ever since. My family moved to Arizona when I was 4 and didn’t move back to Virginia till I was in 5th grade, Beth and I picked up as if a day hadn’t passed.  So I’m excited for my Hoop Sisters and my sister from another Mother to meet.

We’ve planted a vegetable garden this year. It’s been many years since we’ve had a garden. Something came along and ate the broccoli, cauliflower, and all of the lettuce. Luckily the broccoli and cauliflower have survived and are growing.  But to have the time to get my hands into the earth, to break a sweat in the sun, and to work outside has been nourishing to my body and soul. I’m cultivating my midnfulness while I cultivate my garden!

I wholeheartedly hope you’re summer is bringing some excitement and fulfillment to your life. I hope the sun’s rays are going deep within to strengthen your bones and brighten your spirit.


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