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On this morning’s walk I walked by a house that had these gloriously large mushrooms growing in their front yard.  There was one group that almost formed circle, and another group that was pretty much in a line. And sitting there beside the line of mushrooms was a rabbit, happily nibbling grass.  Instantly I envisioned a whole community of little elves, fairies, and little earth elements!  For a brief moment I saw the actions and lives of these little ones – and then it vanished.

From that I started thinking about imagination and in my case my struggles with my imagination. I swear in some ways I’ve forgotten how to play, I think that’s why I talk about as much as I do – to keep it at the forefront of my thoughts. Well I definitely played last month with Bethany – we spent a day at the water park, and we laughed and played the entire time there. No lounging back working on a tan for us – we braved the water slide, we ran the pool, yes we even pushed some smaller kids aside, and dare I confess one of us rode that innertube like a bronking buck!  We ran and played so much I had a blister on my toe.  I think the only thing we didn’t do was our synchronized water ballet we did as kids!  Alas, but it’s nice to be an adult. After all that play it felt wonderful to sit out back, watch the lightening bugs, and have a few beers.

Not only did it feel great to actually play again, but it was genuinely wonderful to play and not care at all about how I looked in my swim suite. I remember what it was like when I was a kid and would go to a pool – before puberty I’m sure. I just went to play and never thought anyone was looking at me, much less judging me by my weight or size. That’s how I was at the water park; it was just Beth and me. Well, other than those kids we mowed over.

I hope you have an opportunity to set aside any inhibitions and really play – play so hard you forget about time, about worries, about being an adult, and maybe even get a blister on your toe!


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