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I recently saw a show on PBS about Cajun cooking. This documentary was dated 1990, so it was mostly filmed in the late 80’s – definitely represented by their clothes, hair styles and glasses. The narrator’s voice was very captivating, sounding a bit like the narrator on the Waltons (if any of you remember him) with a Cajun accent.  There were interviews with some deep woods people of Louisiana, and of course showcasing the various indigenous recipes. Every person he interviewed said they did not own a cookbook – they had heard of them, but never had even seen one. That everything they cooked was from their hearts. One concept they all unanimously said was the only Cajun spicing they used was salt, pepper, and red pepper.

Talking to one woman while she was mincing garlic in her hands (she didn’t need any cutting boards) with a big old knife was that she looked at the food as she was combing and cooking. It had to look good. And of course she’d taste as she went along – but love was a key ingredient in everything she cooked. From the time she started cooking at a young age, her family bragged her to be the best cook around. Which she knows she is, because she “loves to cook and cooks with love”.

Once I had opened the store in 2004 through Mom being sick through her death, my son moving out on his own, selling the store, working all kinds of jobs, to leaving all that to go back to corporate work-world, mix that with Marvin and me having different food and meal preferences, oh and the salt restrictions my doctor has imposed on me and then all the restrictions trying to lose weight and I had completely lost any desire or passion for cooking. In the last couple of years Christopher has become quite passionate about cooking – and let me tell you he is good! He’s called me on a few occasions to tell me about something new he’s tried that has turned out particularly good. And he definitely has inspired me to experiment more with cooking.

I think about my father – another very excellent cook. Being Italian, when we get together of course we’re having our big spaghetti dinner. With meatballs, sausage, maybe some pig’s feet or pig’s skin. Very, very good food – and that’s because he puts his heart and soul into that meal.

After watching that show I have been thinking a lot about what I cook, and I want to cook with love! After all, won’t that make a huge difference in this food we’re ingesting? We know from Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments on the effects that human consciousness has on the molecular structure of water – and that was just little droplets of water – imagine the effect my mood and thoughts are having on all this food that I’m feeding my family and eating myself!

Last weekend my beloved nephew came to visit me. He brought me the most beautiful summer squash I have ever seen, along with some purple basil and fresh parsley.  I’ve set about cooking with complete awareness and love. As I started cooking the last green beans out of my garden for this year, I started adding ingredients. I picked vegetables for color; some based on what I think would be a good combination in this mix, that beautiful squash, and tomatoes from my garden. Here I’ve created a pot of love that I will eat on all week, knowing what good qualities these ingredients contain and my care in preparation.  Yes, I found myself actually smiling – a big toothy smile as I was cooking.

In these dog days of summer, my wish for you is to create meals, moments, and memories of love, creativity, fun, and passion!


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