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Oh the various unusual animal sightings recently! Just last night on my way home from a Wine & Design event, my sister in law and I saw an owl fly over and land on an electrical line crossing the road we were on. There wasn’t much traffic on the road so we stopped (don’t worry, I put my flashers on) and we looked at and observed the beautiful owl.  Looking up at it, I swear it looked like it was trying to figure out what we were doing too!  Then this morning Marvin saw something flying and landing in the oak tree in our yard. Finally found it, it was a huge praying mantis!  Quite unusual, and most exciting!

I stopped by Inner Equinox yesterday afternoon – how wonderful it was to see a former student and friends there. Becky (the new owner – well, she’s had the store for over a year now, I suppose she’s not so new anymore!) and Ellen Bowie (certified crystal therapist) are planning a day at the store the first Saturday in October for pets. They’ve asked me to say a blessing for the pets, and possibly do Animal Totem readings. Along with Ellen, there will be other practitioners there to do energy work for your pets; I believe they said using essential oils, among other good modalities. I will most definitely keep you posted and get you more information and details as I know them.

On another note, Hoop Sisters, Marvin has been insulating the floor of the Sun Room this weekend. I can’t wait to see/feel the difference it makes for us. And on the topic of this month, I just read on Jan Spiller’s website that there will be both a lunar and a solar eclipse this month.  A partial solar eclipse takes place on the 13th, and a total eclipse of a supermoon comes on September 27-28.  Venus has gone direct, but now Mercury will go retrograde on the 17th this month. Not even fully understanding all of this, it still leads me to think this will be a interesting month. Or as Jan Spiller said it “There will be a lot of excitement in the air”.  If nothing else, we’ll have a lot to look at in the cosmos this month.

I sincerely hope you have an exciting month, in the best possible way!


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