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Just 31 days left in this year, and then we’re presented with another year. Seems around this time of year we get wrapped up in this kind of thinking. That we only have so many days before the holidays and so many days left in the year. I recently saw a little cartoon post of Charlie Brown and Snoopy sitting on a pier and Charlie Brown tells Snoopy “One day we’re going to die” to which Snoopy replied “We have a lot of days to live between now and then.” I may not have gotten the words exactly correct, but I definitely have the message – and I love it! I’ve talked before about how we call in the directions at the start of our New Moon Hoop. Each of the directions (East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within) all have their own energy, element and lessons. They teach us with their positions that everything is a cycle, constantly in flux, always changing, and ever presenting a new moment. So when we look at wrapping up this year, counting down the days – counting down the seconds of this year, perhaps we can look at the new morning coming to us. Do you see my shift of viewing?
Well I see it’s been a couple of months since I’ve written. A whole lot has happened in that time. Marvin’s heart attack and bypass surgery, Christopher’s visit, a little restitution mixed in, and some fun weekends with my grandchickadees. Talk about things changing!
Taking a moment out, I’d like to reminisce about my beloved mother. Her birthday is December 20th and she would have been 80 this year. What an amazing woman – to this day I am still inspired and guided by her. A simple line from a song she and I learned together touches me deeply, “Mother carry me, your child I will always be”.

This time of year can be very difficult and hard for some people. It’s not always happy and joyous. As you maneuver through the holidays and into winter, I hope you find true peace within.


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