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Spring is coming! I can see signs all around: my lilies have grown above ground, the birds seem to be pairing up, and let’s not forget to mention the longer daylight and warmer temperatures.  I’ve heard plenty of people complaining about cold weather and their want of summer.  But let’s not rush through life here!

Meteorologically, we are still in winter, and I want to make the most of being in winter – or in the North in the Medicine Wheel.   This is the position of short days and long nights. A place of enjoying the warmth of the fire in the stove and sitting together to talk. A place of not pushing ourselves so much, and recouping from all the work we’ve accomplished in all the other positions.  Thinking back on this wintertime, I think I’ve made good use of this more quiet and reflective cycle. I’ve thought through some things and been able to see clearly to making decisions that feel good.  And yes, there is that familiar feeling of energy waking up from its long winters nap within.

So I guess I am ready for spring this month. As I look to starting some new endeavors soon, I feel I’ve rested adequately to spring forth with some renewed energy. On my walk this morning, I dare say I could even smell spring freshness in the air.

The very end of January into February my brother, sister and I went to visit our dad for his 87th birthday. What a great trip that was – in so many ways. My brother, sister and I always make time to get out to the desert and find rocks. It funny, this trip we thought about checking out some new areas to go to, but ended up going back to our good ol’ mesa that we love so much. There truly is something very sacred about that mesa for me.  I find connection there, and I feel very, very peaceful there.

Enjoy the last days of winter as we prepare to welcome spring this month! Envisioning colors blossoming into your life, and as always – wishing you much peace.


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