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Summer has finally arrived after such a long and very wet spring.  This past Saturday, Memorial weekend, I was at Inner Equinox giving Animal Totem readings. What fun! It has been a long time since I’ve sat and gave readings.  I saw some old friends and made some new.  It’s been a few years since I’ve been on the island on Memorial weekend.  When I was in the planning stages of opening Whispering Hoop, I was instructed to watch the potential store site and count how many people went into the store and how many people came out with a purchase. That was one of my first assignments I took in creating my store. I did that Memorial weekend 2004 – a lot has happened in these last 12-years.

I had such a lovely May. I flew down and spent mother’s day weekend with my son. To go down in the middle of all that rainy weather to the warm sunny climate of Florida was a welcome reprieve. I was able to spend some time with two of his very close childhood friends and the families they’ve created. To see these men that I knew as boys filled my heart with such happiness and pride.  Oh, and to hear new stories that mothers don’t necessarily need to hear of what troubles they got into as teens!  I also had a really spectacular birthday. Who knew turning 53 would be so special and fun?  Oh, my revised website is live, please check it out and let me know what you think.

The end of December and into January I had a renewed spirit and some clear thoughts on new ambitions and goals. I am now taking steps towards these, and that started with taking classes at CSM. The first class I took totally reinforced my thoughts and I knew through and through how good this felt.  I’m getting ready to start the next round of classes and they’re quite intense, especially on top of my full time job. I had various angles of worry and doubt about being able to do this!  Being able to keep up with the schedule AND my job. Will my menopausal brain be able to learn and remember all I need to in such a short time? It would mean I wouldn’t have any time for my husband and my puppy.  But the only path is this class.  When the class became available during the nights and weekends, I knew I had to jump. Still with a lot of trepidation – until I read the following posted on Facebook.


Using that acronym has helped tremendously! Remembering when I opened the store, I didn’t try to do everything at once; I broke everything down into steps and took one step at a time. This acronym is helping me only in a slightly different way. This time I’m using it to support and encourage my aging self-confidence.

That being said, I will be extremely busy this summer. The classes run mid-June into September.  I will not be holding the New Moon Hoop in July or August, and I’m not sure about September. I’m thinking I probably won’t be writing during these months either.  Even in the midst of this, I will have a little time with my best friend. While we won’t have time to hit the water park this year, I know being together will produce just as much fun.

Whatever you have planned for this summer, I hope you fit in some fun! Summer is the position of youth, playfulness, and trust! Enjoy~


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