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The other day I was driving home from work. The same roads I’ve traveled for many years. And the thought popped in my mind of looking at my surroundings as if I had not seen this place before. If this were the first time I was sitting at this traffic light, what would I be looking at? What would I think about this intersection and all around it? If I were passing through this town, would I think it a nice place to live?  All this caused me to look at the leaves on the tree, noticing the beautiful pine cone bundles on the one pine tree. I saw the greenness of the grass, and how attractive the store fronts looked.  I saw the beauty instead of just waiting for the traffic light to change.

A day or so later I found the quote by Thich Nhat Han (below in the Whispered Musings) and the timing of that same message at two different times is making me remember to bring my new seeing eyes out.  People used to say “you need to stop and smell the roses.”  Now we talk about being ‘present in the moment’, or even seeing with through the eyes of a child. However we remind ourselves, it is simply taking time out to simply notice what is around us without the assumption that we already know what is there. Letting nature show us the subtle changes it’s made, or looking at the little affirmation note we posted beside our computers so long ago that we now overlook. It’s about quieting our distracted minds and looking at things we stopped looking at a long time ago.  It is all about being present with our surroundings, even if it is at a red light.

My class is going fantastic! It sure has been a transformation in more ways that I thought.  I have finished with the textbook and lecture, have completed all the clinicals!, and am now preparing for the state exam before the nursing board which will be later in October.  When I start to worry about the state exam, I remind myself of the SUCCESS affirmation I started all this with.  And then I remind myself of those precious women and men in the long term care facility I cared for during clinicals, and I am able to let go of the fear, and move forward with knowledge, safety and compassion in my thoughts, actions, and heart.

And in the midst of all this is the most beautiful of all seasons, autumn! The corn field around me is completely brown and withering down, and the weather is finally starting to cool a little. What a perfect time to be looking around with my new seeing eyes!  I hope you can find time to go play in a corn maze, pick pumpkins out of a pumpkin patch, and most definitely, go pick apples out of a real orchard!


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