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It started with listening to Me and Mrs. Jones. I was back in Wisconsin lying in the back seat of my parent’s car watching the amber colored street lights along the highway as we were driving into Milwaukee one night going to dinner at this special Greek restaurant my parents liked. That song was on the radio and I’m quite sure I was singing out loud with it. I don’t know why that song always brings back that specific memory.

That spurred me to thinking about my life. I have had an extraordinary life thanks to my parents. I think both of them are explorers, but of different types. Because of my father I have seen so much of this beautiful country of ours. Driving with every move, I’ve been in more states than I remember. Where ever we lived, he had us explore it. We would camp, we would go to the various national parks, we would hike mountains, we would go to the national preserves and watch the migrating geese, and we would simply take a drive.

I think of my mother as an explorer of life. She was such a passionate person, and she embraced life whole heartedly. She explored herself! She passionately explored and learned about life, religions, practices and beliefs. She was much more free to express herself and her ideals without fear of incrimination than me. She was so playful with all this too.

On my way home from work last night, listening to Me and Mrs. Jones, I had a most pleasant (and precious) trip down memory lane. And I love how music provides me opportunities to explore the memories of my life. In the spirit of gratitude, I am very grateful to my parents and their wanderlust to explore!


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