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A few of you have reached out to me recently seeking a little help with signs and messages you’re receiving.  Oh how I love helping with this.  A good amount of the signs and messages I get are easily understood, but I still have to work at interpreting some of them.

Growing up I knew I was a sign seeker, although when I was in school I recognized it was an immature method of seeking answers. However I still felt like there was a Universe out there giving me little signs of encouragement, support, and help along the way, and I was ever so attentive trying to figure it all out.  As I learned and grew in life so did my way of picking up and deciphering these messages.

Ted Andrews wrote in Animal-Speak “The true shaman, the true naturalist, works to reconnect conscious human life with Nature and Spirit through totems and ritual. The images of the animals and the expressions of Nature help us to transcend our normal, waking consciousness so that we can more easily attune to the ethereal realms and beings. The first step begins with realizing that all vision and imagery, originating in Nature or the inner mind, has validity on some level.”

I have found that most of the time, we’ve picked up on the sign but are not sure if it is a sign.  And then how to interpret.  To paraphrase an example Ted Andrews gave in workshop I attended, one night you have a dream with a skunk in it, then you’re driving down the road and you smell a skunk, then you go home and turn on the tv and there’s Peppe Le Pew, and a few days later you’re in a store and in with the stuffed animals is a cute little skunk… well how many times do you need to be hit in the head with a 2×4 before you realize skunk is trying to get your attention?

If you’re questioning whether or not an animal or something in nature is a message or sign, then chances are it is. The mere fact that you already are thinking it is indication. Trust yourself! When that dragonfly lights on you and sits with you for a while, you know you are truly communing with nature!

Last weekend on my walk I was surprised by how much white I saw in nature. It was as if there was more white than green outside.  The white mushrooms, dandelion puffs, the clover blooms, flowers, tree bark, fences, clouds, rocks, various moths, a worm, and a couple different dogs. I took notice of what had been on my mind, of my emotions, about my heartfelt reaction to seeing all this white. If you don’t have any books on the various meanings, then you have the world wide web.  But don’t be too quick to look outside of yourself for answers. Always consider what that symbol means to You. Expand your awareness and observations – and then enjoy your connection with nature and spirit!



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Happy New Year!!! What a year 2015 has been. Marvin’s heart attack and surgery, and then my job were the two ‘big’ events that come to mind first when I think back on this year. But those two hefty things aren’t the only things. There were lots of great things too; like visits with my best friend and my son, playing at a water park, a new tattoo (oh, and it’s felt like so long ago that I got one!), a Spirit Doll workshop that was magically fantastic, a cruise to the Bahama’s (Mama’s thick and Papa’s got a shotgun)… and many really great weekends with my grand-chickadee’s. So what’s in the future for 2016? Don’t know, but I am heading into the new year with new ambitions, new goals, and renewed spirit.

I received a few books for Christmas. The first one was a book I bought for myself, The Energy of Prayer by Thich Nhat Hanh. This book is so good that I’m buying one for my sister and one for Barrie. So Christmas morning one of the first presents I opened was from my best friend and it is ‘A Book of Angels’ by Sophy Burnham. Great subject and I can’t wait to read it. The next present I opened was from my brother, he gave me two books – one of them being on – – yep, you guessed it – – angels! It’s ‘Spirit guides and Angel Guardians’ by Richard Webster. I could have been knocked over with a feather. On the back covers of each of these books are, “Where Heaven and Earth meet in all our lives, we see the work of Angels…” and “You are not alone!” I love it! I think you can see where my renewed spirit was generated from!

Walking Winnie this afternoon, thinking about what all I wanted to say in this newsletter, I spotted a huge Eagle in a tree along the fields by my house. By the way, the second book from my brother was Power Animals by Steven Farmer, PhD. So this is what Dr. Farmer has to say about Eagles:

“Whether or not you’re aware of it, you have complete access to an awesome spiritual power! When you vision has become too narrow or limited and you can’t find solutions to any of your problems or challenges, take a look from where I can see. Come with me and I’ll take you to the sun and stars. You must have the courage to relinquish stale and comfortable habits and beliefs and soar into unknown realms and new realities, continually expanding your view. Now is the time to take full responsibility for your lif and to to be prepared for instant karma. As your spiritual awareness increases, so will positive and negative repercussions become more immediate and have greater force.

“When you have to make a choice, no matter how large or small, first hover above all the possibilities laid out before you. Then choose one, and go for it wholeheartedly and without equivocation. Don’t let material concerns keep you from soaring!”

Mish, what were we talking about at lunch?! Ok then, hears to all of us taking that grander view and going for it!

I sincerely wish you very good health and profound peace.

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It is the year for Cicada’s! If you’re one of the few who have not seen or heard their incredible call, you are truly missing out on one of nature’s exhibits. The other day when I was outside with Winnie, I was looking at two sheds left on the trunk of an oak tree out in my front yard, and I noticed there was a cicada too. I looked around the trunk and up into the tree I saw hundreds of sheds and cicada’s! There were so many it bordered on being freakishly weird.
So yes, these cicadas are the type that emerge once every 17 years. But did you know that their life span is actually 17 years? They’ve been alive and living underground in the nymph stage for many years. They are a symbol of good luck in many cultures, and even of immortality. Aside from that, I think we need to pay attention to a couple of key features: the long ‘birthing’ phase, shedding out of youth into adulthood, their voice or call, and relationships (after all, once they emerge their whole focus is on attracting a mate and reproducing).
Pondering these characteristics of the cicadas while walking Winnie yesterday morning – and more specifically the relationship aspect as that seems to be a key topic in a lot of areas with me and my loved ones lately – a cicada flew right beside my head! It kept flying back and forth around me. Now it seems that all I’m noticing are the ones flying. My initial sighting of these interesting little creatures was so much about their emergence and shedding, but has shifted now and taken flight. Perhaps the changes in various relationships I’ve been pondering are emerging and taking flight into new lives.
In a couple of days my dear sweet Boo will be turning 28. My God, where did the time go?! What ever is happening in your life this month, I wish you peace and a beautiful month.

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I cannot believe that we are on the cusp of ending yet another year, and beginning the new one. Reflecting on 2011 is something I can sum up in one word – bittersweet.  Losing my mother this year was an exceptionally hard thing. Grieving is such an individual process, something I hadn’t done to this depth before. So I’m really learning a lot from all of this. What is surprising is that I am still learning from her. Not that she’s in another realm passing along info, I wish! Rather, when I miss and think of her I try to do something from that memory or thought.  I use this to motivate myself to be more, to be better, to live now and not stay stuck in that memory or my sadness.
2011 was a 9 year for me (in numerology), meaning I’ve been wrapping up some things. Pondering this energy for this year is interesting, when some things that have happened this year feel like they’re just beginning.  So 2012 is a one-year, the beginning of a new nine-year cycle. And yep, it’s all about starting new. I most definitely feel this energy as a major influence in my life, my thoughts, and my desires for what lies ahead of me now.
I am looking forward to 2012, and see what lies in my journey. Whether it’s my personal life, my relationships, my jobs – whatever aspect in my life I’m focusing on, I do know there will be changes. Namaste~

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Michele asked if I would write a little piece on the numerology of 2012. Yep, we are entering in the infamous year of 2012. What this will ultimately mean, I don’t know but we can take a look at what it means in numerology. Within numerology there are many different ways to look at these numbers, and many different combinations we could work with, but for the sake of this conversation I am working only with the year number of 2012. Meaning this will be an underlying influence to the energy for everyone this year, regardless of your personal year number or any other factor.

If we look at just the number 2012 we come up with the number 5 (2+0+1+2=5). The number 5 is such a free-spirited number. The key words of Five are: risk-taking, rebellious, forward movement, progress, change, versatility, flexibility – it is the freedom lover. Let’s also take a look at the symbology of the number five: we have to acknowledge the five physical senses, we have five fingers, and it is highly steeped in many religions. The five wounds of Jesus, the book of Psalms is arranged in five books, the Torah contains five books, Muslims pray to Allah five times a day, the universe is made up of five classic elements, and in Reiki there are the 5-Precepts. I like looking at the symbology surrounding a number to help give a more-well rounded feel to its number.

So looking at this theme for 2012 we can sum it up that we can expect some dynamic changes, perhaps a little unpredictability because five represents a restless intensity which wants to express itself in some bold and impulsive ways. Definitely some surprises, and you must be willing to take risks this year. After all, it may hold some lucky breaks! I would expect an air of spirituality to the year, given the symbology stated above. Which, regardless of your personal year number, we all will enjoy a little free-spiritedness this year.

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I noticed this flat rock today lying in my driveway. I slipped my foot out of my shoe and rested it on the top of the rock. I could feel its coldness and it could feel my warmth. I felt we were connecting. So I asked the rock to tell me its journey. It told me of endless days in this driveway, of being run over time and again. It told me of all the beautiful animals who have passed by on their journeys. It reminded me of the very snowy winters we’ve had, and the long hot summers. I remembered these times, as I remember walking by this very rock countless time before.

Then it told me about time before we came to live together. It told me how it was formed and created in the earth, how it actually once was the earth. For thousands, even millions of years, little pieces of our earth eroded–broken down and worn away by wind and water. These little bits of our earth were washed downstream where they settle to the bottom of the rivers, bays and oceans. Layer after layer of eroded earth deposited on top of each. These layers were pressed down more and more through time, until the bottom layers slowly turn into rock.

How, through more years than I can even begin to imagine, it endured tons of pressure. And it was this very act of endurance that it became this incredible stone.

Last month I definitely endured ‘tons of pressure’ – and stress. While I worked my way through these difficulties, I worked my way to the top. Last month I spoke of enthusiasm – and I finally realized what that word truly meant. When I felt completely overwhelmed by problems and clients complaining, I picked up my card and realized how enthusiasm could help. “With faith in a successful outcome, I naturally contribute positive energy to tasks and ideas.” I shifted my attitude from one of lost confidence and defeat to one of enthusiasm. I started envisioning successful results – and the outcome was successful. In more ways than just those projects and clients. I also had the foresight to take action and do things that will ensure I don’t have to endure that type of pressure again. And in the process of all this, I am emerging better than I was before. Kind of similar to these stones that are under our feet.

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Did you know that October is one of my most favorite months of the year? I love all the changes that come during the fall time of year. The temperatures cooling off after a hot summer, the beautiful autumnal colors, longer nights allowing a bit more rest after all the summer time activities. Nature always proving that everything in life is constantly changing, even when we feel like it is very stagnant.
This fall will be markedly different for me without my mother. My sister and I have commented that we would have been calling our mother reporting the first sighting of the changing leaves, or shopping for fall and winter clothes and boots. And it was in October, many years ago, that she came to stay with me while she healed from her first hip replacement. Every October after that she and I would reminisce about the beautiful colorful leaves in all the trees that she would look at while healing and recovering.

Recently I attended an expo with Shari & Michele in Baltimore. One booth we attended had a wheel we could spin to see what word it landed on. When I spun the wheel, it landed on “enthusiasm” – which quite honestly is something I’ve been low on the last couple of months. The card they gave me for my word stated: “Enthusiasm: With faith in a successful outcome, I naturally contribute positive energy to tasks and ideas.” I didn’t really think much about that until this morning – just 2-days later. I pulled out the deck of Angel Mediations here at Inner Equinox and went to shuffle the cards. Before I could even get all the cards out, one card slipped out, landing on my lap face up – it was The Angel of Enthusiasm. And I quote “Enthusiasm is a burst of inspiration that comes from God. It is the certainty that we will never meet an uninteresting person or live moments of boredom. When we allow ourselves to really live this certainty, we discover the tremendous energy that is always available to us and always supportive of every circumstance in our lives.”

Reading the little card, again like at the expo, didn’t really feel like it applied (although I fully know that it does, I’m just not getting it yet). So I went to good old Webster’s dictionary to see how they interpret the word, and their third definition is “any of various forms of extreme religious devotion, usually associated with intense emotionalism and a break with orthodoxy.”

Having lost my enthusiasm lately, and actually questioning pretty much everything in my life, I do find some comfort and even some direction with this message. “My whole being is radiant with enthusiasm.”

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