Yesterday I was being treated to the most wonderful reflexology treatment here at my house. We had begun and were well into my one foot when it sunk into me that Winnie was whining and crying unlike she’s ever done. I knew she wanted to come out with us, but this was moving into more of a desperation cry. So we stopped to go get her and found her stuck in between the posts of the gate! Her head, both front legs and shoulders were on one side of the rungs, and the rest of her on the other side.  With a few panicked calls and an extra set of hands, we successfully pushed the rungs apart and backed her out of the gate. I’m still watching her to make sure she hasn’t hurt anything, and that she’s ok. My poor puppy! And dear sweet Norma not only supported Winnie with her gentle and calm energy while we rescued her, but then was able to take my right back into the wonderful treatment to finish, only with Winnie in with us after that.

In a few weeks it’ll be the vernal equinox and we’ll officially be in summer.  The weather sure hasn’t felt like summer!  I’ve been reading that June will host several astrological events.  From what I’m understanding there have been several planets that were retrograde, but many of them will become direct this month. Jan Spiller is the astrologer I most often consult, and reading her Astrological Edge for June provides me with a little glimmer of hope that I’ll find a little clarity this month.

While I had some wonderful things in May (my father visiting and my birthday just to name a couple), I’m still burdened with the career change I made this year. I am still actively trying to make it better. So I have hopes for what June holds for me.

Wishing you a fun filled month of clarity!


Have you been keeping up with April the Giraffe? She is at the Animal Adventure Park in NY, and I discovered her about a month and a half ago on Facebook. She is pregnant, and due any moment now.  Watching via the live webcam, I’ve been learning more and more about these beautiful animals. Giraffes are pregnant for about 15 months, and coincidentally April is 15 years old. Watching the very curious and gentle April, I got to wondering about the message Giraffes bring us.

According to Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, their keynote is farsightedness.  The most notable things about giraffes are their very long legs and necks.  The neck has great symbolism; it bridges the upper (the head-thoughts, spiritual) and lower of the animal (the body-action, groundedness), and allows them to see great distances.  These long necks and throats are also a symbol of expression and communication.  Balance is very important, as they can become quite vulnerable when their heads are to the ground. They actually have 3 horns, the third looks more like a lump under the skin and is located just above the eyes – in the third eye center.

After watching April’s webcam for over a month, it dawned on me to see how the message can apply to me right now.  Looking back 15 months ago, was when I had just started the classes I took to become a nurse tech. And here I am now, a nurse tech at the hospital I where I wanted to be.   However, I’ve been having a difficult time in my new job.  I’ve really struggled with the career change and a few different aspects of the job.

So as I watch and wait for April to bring her fourth calf into the world, I’m going to think about these gentle and graceful animals and what I can learn from them. I’m also looking at the numbers that are prevalent with this event. I hope I can traverse through my difficulties with some of the grace, gentleness and beauty that April has!


It started with listening to Me and Mrs. Jones. I was back in Wisconsin lying in the back seat of my parent’s car watching the amber colored street lights along the highway as we were driving into Milwaukee one night going to dinner at this special Greek restaurant my parents liked. That song was on the radio and I’m quite sure I was singing out loud with it. I don’t know why that song always brings back that specific memory.

That spurred me to thinking about my life. I have had an extraordinary life thanks to my parents. I think both of them are explorers, but of different types. Because of my father I have seen so much of this beautiful country of ours. Driving with every move, I’ve been in more states than I remember. Where ever we lived, he had us explore it. We would camp, we would go to the various national parks, we would hike mountains, we would go to the national preserves and watch the migrating geese, and we would simply take a drive.

I think of my mother as an explorer of life. She was such a passionate person, and she embraced life whole heartedly. She explored herself! She passionately explored and learned about life, religions, practices and beliefs. She was much more free to express herself and her ideals without fear of incrimination than me. She was so playful with all this too.

On my way home from work last night, listening to Me and Mrs. Jones, I had a most pleasant (and precious) trip down memory lane. And I love how music provides me opportunities to explore the memories of my life. In the spirit of gratitude, I am very grateful to my parents and their wanderlust to explore!

Creating my New Year!

Happy New Year!

This morning as I sat down at my computer, I watched this very little spider in the window right in front of me. And I think about her weaving her web – creating her home, her space. Isn’t that exactly where we all are, getting ready to weave and create our new year?

For Christmas my brother gave me the book “The Secret Power of Spirit Animals” by Skye Alexander, and believe it or not – this is a book I had not seen or read before. So let’s take a look at what she tells us about Spider:

Industrious and imaginative, you work hard to bring your ideas to fruition. You like to see your creativity take physical form, and might excel at weaving, woodworking, interior design, or architecture. You skillfully use your talents to provide for yourself, just as the spider builds a web to capture its prey. In numerology, the spider’s eight legs signify business acumen and material success. With your thoughts emotions and actions you weave your world into being, but you need to learn how to trap what you want without trapping yourself in unhealthy, poisonous patterns. If you see a spider in nature or dream, it may presage a period of creative activity. A spider’s appearance can warn you not to get caught in a web, either of your own making or someone else’s. Sometimes a spider shows up to point out poisonous attitudes or behaviors.

In numerology 2017 is a 1 year, signaling the start of a new cycle. Well, I will definitely be starting all a new this year with a whole new career. I will be starting at St. Mary’s hospital in early January as a nurse’s assistant! I spent all of 2016 weaving and creating my new career; and I like that I have the spider’s eight woven in with the new 1-year! This gives me a little extra courage – because as excited as I am, I am also a little scared.

It is with joy and gratitude I wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy new year. I am proud to share in your life’s celebrations – both big and small – and am honored to be here for you. I look forward to sharing the many exciting things that are in our new year.


My New Seeing Eyes

The other day I was driving home from work. The same roads I’ve traveled for many years. And the thought popped in my mind of looking at my surroundings as if I had not seen this place before. If this were the first time I was sitting at this traffic light, what would I be looking at? What would I think about this intersection and all around it? If I were passing through this town, would I think it a nice place to live?  All this caused me to look at the leaves on the tree, noticing the beautiful pine cone bundles on the one pine tree. I saw the greenness of the grass, and how attractive the store fronts looked.  I saw the beauty instead of just waiting for the traffic light to change.

A day or so later I found the quote by Thich Nhat Han (below in the Whispered Musings) and the timing of that same message at two different times is making me remember to bring my new seeing eyes out.  People used to say “you need to stop and smell the roses.”  Now we talk about being ‘present in the moment’, or even seeing with through the eyes of a child. However we remind ourselves, it is simply taking time out to simply notice what is around us without the assumption that we already know what is there. Letting nature show us the subtle changes it’s made, or looking at the little affirmation note we posted beside our computers so long ago that we now overlook. It’s about quieting our distracted minds and looking at things we stopped looking at a long time ago.  It is all about being present with our surroundings, even if it is at a red light.

My class is going fantastic! It sure has been a transformation in more ways that I thought.  I have finished with the textbook and lecture, have completed all the clinicals!, and am now preparing for the state exam before the nursing board which will be later in October.  When I start to worry about the state exam, I remind myself of the SUCCESS affirmation I started all this with.  And then I remind myself of those precious women and men in the long term care facility I cared for during clinicals, and I am able to let go of the fear, and move forward with knowledge, safety and compassion in my thoughts, actions, and heart.

And in the midst of all this is the most beautiful of all seasons, autumn! The corn field around me is completely brown and withering down, and the weather is finally starting to cool a little. What a perfect time to be looking around with my new seeing eyes!  I hope you can find time to go play in a corn maze, pick pumpkins out of a pumpkin patch, and most definitely, go pick apples out of a real orchard!


Summer has finally arrived after such a long and very wet spring.  This past Saturday, Memorial weekend, I was at Inner Equinox giving Animal Totem readings. What fun! It has been a long time since I’ve sat and gave readings.  I saw some old friends and made some new.  It’s been a few years since I’ve been on the island on Memorial weekend.  When I was in the planning stages of opening Whispering Hoop, I was instructed to watch the potential store site and count how many people went into the store and how many people came out with a purchase. That was one of my first assignments I took in creating my store. I did that Memorial weekend 2004 – a lot has happened in these last 12-years.

I had such a lovely May. I flew down and spent mother’s day weekend with my son. To go down in the middle of all that rainy weather to the warm sunny climate of Florida was a welcome reprieve. I was able to spend some time with two of his very close childhood friends and the families they’ve created. To see these men that I knew as boys filled my heart with such happiness and pride.  Oh, and to hear new stories that mothers don’t necessarily need to hear of what troubles they got into as teens!  I also had a really spectacular birthday. Who knew turning 53 would be so special and fun?  Oh, my revised website is live, please check it out and let me know what you think.

The end of December and into January I had a renewed spirit and some clear thoughts on new ambitions and goals. I am now taking steps towards these, and that started with taking classes at CSM. The first class I took totally reinforced my thoughts and I knew through and through how good this felt.  I’m getting ready to start the next round of classes and they’re quite intense, especially on top of my full time job. I had various angles of worry and doubt about being able to do this!  Being able to keep up with the schedule AND my job. Will my menopausal brain be able to learn and remember all I need to in such a short time? It would mean I wouldn’t have any time for my husband and my puppy.  But the only path is this class.  When the class became available during the nights and weekends, I knew I had to jump. Still with a lot of trepidation – until I read the following posted on Facebook.


Using that acronym has helped tremendously! Remembering when I opened the store, I didn’t try to do everything at once; I broke everything down into steps and took one step at a time. This acronym is helping me only in a slightly different way. This time I’m using it to support and encourage my aging self-confidence.

That being said, I will be extremely busy this summer. The classes run mid-June into September.  I will not be holding the New Moon Hoop in July or August, and I’m not sure about September. I’m thinking I probably won’t be writing during these months either.  Even in the midst of this, I will have a little time with my best friend. While we won’t have time to hit the water park this year, I know being together will produce just as much fun.

Whatever you have planned for this summer, I hope you fit in some fun! Summer is the position of youth, playfulness, and trust! Enjoy~

When the weatherman on tv said that this is the season of change, he got my full attention. Of course he’s talking meteorologically, but I’m thinking about myself. I love the choice of words people use, and how they can mean very different things to different people. I do feel that I am in the middle of change.
One aspect of this change I feel is with my job. It was a very big change for me to go back to the corporate work place after the store. Well, working for Barrie was a pleasure too; and even though that was an office, she is truly exemplary to work for. But going back to a full-time office job in a fairly decent size company did jar me out of the healing, empowering environment/job I had grown quite used to. I had adjustments bringing my tattooed and Reiki-minded self into an office with your mainstream people. And I reverted back to some old tendencies – shyness and taking a long time to feel “a part of.”
I look at these parts of myself and remember they were there when we moved from state to state, when I wasn’t able to really establish any deep friendships. For a stretch of time, I never felt a part of any place we lived. In 5th grade I went to three different schools in three different states! I understand how this protective side of me jumped up when I felt venerable again, when I was new to the established office.
Well to show you how this has all changed in a relatively short two and a half years – just yesterday, two friends/co-workers and I went to our new office and smudged and blessed the building! Yes, the owner was completely onboard with this, and he would have helped us if he had not had previous commitments.
Here I held my authentic self back when I first started there – not so much for fear of being judged, but because of not feeling safe enough to really trust that I would be “a part of.” So I thank my 5th-grade self for being so ready to help me again, when she was so insecure starting someplace new again. And I hold my authentic self’s hand and help her feel wanted and a part of this office.
On another note – I am not going to hold Hoop in April. I am taking a class at CSM, and finishing up an online class at Harvard. I struggled with this decision, because I so want to sit in Circle with you ladies! However, my sleep requirements have more of an impact on my brain functions these days. So we will resume in May.

Wishing you the ability to learn from this season of change, and that the change be wonderful!